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SPAIN QUEEN ISABELLA, 1852-1859 Forgeries

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1852 Queen Isabella II, inscription 'CORREOS 1852' and 'FRANCO' or 'CERTdo'

Genuine stamp:

6 Cs red

Forgeries, examples:

Wrong colour!
(Segui forgeries? Usually uncancelled)

(Some Segui forgeries, right one with cancel)

I know for certain that Segui made forgeries of the values: 12 Cs, 2 Rs, 5 Rs, 6 Rs,

Fournier forgeries?

Note that this forgery has no dot below 'DO'.

In 'The Fournier Album of Philatelic Forgeries' forgeries of all values can be found. The 'Reales' values do not have a dot below the 'DO' in the upper inscription in these forgeries. The '5' of '1852' has a shorter topstroke than in the genuine stamps. The 6 rs value has the '6' very large compared to a genuine stamp. In his 1914 pricelist Fournier offers all 5 values for 5 Swiss Francs (as first choice forgeries). In the Fournier forgeries, the piece of hair above the 'S' of 'CORREOS' is more squarish than in the genuine stamps. There are also minor differences in the '5' (upper part more curved in the forgery).

(I've been told that the above 12 cs stamps are also Fournier forgeries)

Spiro(?) forgeries:

I think the above forgeries are Spiro forgeries. The cancel on the first stamp was never used in Spain. The lettering is very badly done in these forgeries.

The forger Peter Winter also made forgeries of these stamps, examples:

(Peter Winter forgeries)

Note that Peter Winter made the forgeries of the rare variety without dot behind 'CORREOS'.

(Other forgeries)

1853 Queen Isabella II, inscription '1853'

Genuine stamps:

Genuine Image reproduced with permission from: http://www.sandafayre.com
(Genuine stamps)

Forgeries, examples (all Segui forgeries? Usually uncancelled):

Segui forgery! Segui forgery!
(Segui forgeries)

The following stamp is probably a Spiro forgery (note the strange cancel), there are parts of pearls at the bottom of the oval:


Furthermore the pearls are very irregular. This forgery is also described in Album Weeds. A similar forgery seems to exist for the values 6 Cs, 2 Rs 5 Rs and 6 Rs (Spiro forgeries?).

Another forgery with this very peculiar cancel (also note the strange '3'):

(Image obtained from Bill Claghorn's forgery site)

In the next forgeries, the pearls and letters of the inscription are very irregular:

Image obtained from Bill Claghorn's forgery site

Some other forgeries:

I've been told that the next stamps are Sperati forgeries, I have no further information:

(Sperati forgery?)

Peter Winter also made forgeries (somewhere in the 1980's on modern white paper):

(A Peter Winter forgery)


1855 Queen Isabella II, Inscription 'CORREOS'

(I presume the above stamps are genuine)

Postal forgeries

(Postal forgery no 4)

Seven different postal forgeries are known, this is the fourth postal forgery described in the book 'Postal Forgeries of the World' by H.G. Leslie Fletcher. The background of pearls is different from the genuine stamps. There is no dot behind the '4'.

(Postal forgery no 6)

The above postal forgery is also described in 'Postal Forgeries of the World' by H.G. Leslie Fletcher (sixth forgery). There is a small white spot in the right lower part of the 'O' of 'CUARTOS'. The 'C' of 'CORREOS' has no lower serif, the 'ORR' of this word seem to be larger and higher than the 'EOS'. The lower left corner rozette only has three white dots. I have seen this forgery with numeral cancel '1' of Madrid (see picture above).

Philatelic forgeries:

Note that the size of 'REAL (ES)' is much larger than in the genuine stamps in the above forgeries.

A 12 c orange was prepared (with no watermark), here an image a forgery of this stamp:

Forgery of this unissued stamp!

And a Segui forgery of this stamp:

Segui forgery!

Copyright by Evert Klaseboer

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