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MEXICO Overview

Mexique - Mexiko

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1856-1863 issues (also re-issued 1867), example:

2 rs green

Miguel Hidalgo y Costilla initiated the struggle for independence, it is his portrait that appears on the first stamps of Mexico.

1864-1865 issues, examples:

When Juarez became president, he decided to cancel the debts his predecessors had made. This provoked a war with France, who finally put Maximilian on the throne as an emperor in 1864. During this time the two above stamps were issued.

1866-1871 issues, examples

(Maximilian and Hidalgo)

Emperor Maximilan was condemned to deadth in 1867.

1872-1879 issues, examples:

Image obtained thanks to Christer Bergstrom

1880-1998 issues, examples:

6 c green

1899-1920 issues, examples:

1 c green

Civil war issues (1913-1914), examples:

During the civil war in Mexico, several local stamps were issued.

Miscellaneous: returened letter labels (Cerrado Y Sellado), seaport stamps (Porte de Mar), Air mail (Correos Aereos), Express letter stamp, bogus issues (Falta de Porte), fiscal stamps, postage due stamps (Timbre Complementario) and postal stationery.


A great number of forgeries can be found for almost every issue of Mexico. The forgeries of whole stamps can mostly easily be recognized. More difficult to detect are forged security overprints on genuine stamps or even 'enhanced' letters with added rare cancels, bisected stamps etc. For example the forger Raoul de Thuin has forged many items of Mexico (especially rare cancels). In the book "The Yucatan Affair: The Work Of Raoul Ch. de Thuin, Philatelic Counterfeiter", more than half of the contents are dedicated to forgeries of Mexico.


'A Catalogue of the Stamps of Mexico 1856-1900' by N. Follansbee 1998.

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Preview of Stamps Catalogue CD : VOLUME 2