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MEXICO 1856-1863, cancels on the first issue

Mexique - Mexiko

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Upto about 1882 a security overprint with the name of the city or a number was applied to most Mexican stamps (stamps without this overprint were not supposed to be valid for use). This security overprint was applied to prevent stolen stamps from being used.

Mute cancels:

Circle made up out of straight lines, a remainder cancel?

Circular cancel with dots of Guadalaraja.

"GUADALARAJA" with mute red cancel from Cuale.

Laurel wreath cancel from Guadalaraja

Mute cancel double circle with dots in the center (Guanajuato Leon)


"GUADALARAJA" with small "O" cancel from Cocula

"HERMOSILLO" with larger "O" cancel.

Mute flower cancel from Tixtla.


Two cancelled stamps "COLIMA"

"CORREOS GUANAJUATO" in a double ellipse. Also on a few bisected stamps.

'ORIZAVA' and 'OAXACA' in a box cancel

"SOMBRERETE" in a straight line

"Tepic" in red

"TEPOT ZOTLAN" cancel in a box

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