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LIBERIA 1860-1880

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1860 Woman (Liberia) and ship

  1 c blue
  2 c red
  6 c red
  6 c lilac
  12 c blue
  12 c yellow
  24 c green
  24 c red

Surcharged (1916) with '1916' and value

  3 (red) on 6 c lilac
  5 on 12 c yellow
  10 on 24 c red

For the specialist; The values 6 c red, 12 c blue and 24 c green were first issued in 1860, there is no outer line around the frame, the stamps are very closely printed together. The perforation was 11 1/2 to 12 and the stamps were perforated close or into the frame. In 1864 a new issue with an outer line (about 1 mm from the stamp) was made, the stamps are printed about 5 mm apart now. The perforation is still 11 1/2 to 12. In 1867 a third emission followed with the same perforation again (11 1/2 to 12). The colours are lighter now, and the stamps were printed 2 to 2 1/2 mm apart. The outer line is sometimes visible and sometimes absent. In 1880 completely new colours were issued, the 1 c blue, 2 c red, 6 c lilac, 12 c yellow and 24 c red. The perforation of this fourth issue is 10 1/2.


Fournier forgeries (obtained from the Forgeries idenfication site of Bill Claghorn). These stamps were taken from the Fournier album (an album with Fournier forgeries). The forgeries that Fournier sold didn't bear the overprint 'FAUX' (=forgery in french), of course! All the cancelled Fournier stamps that I have seen bear the cancel 'MONROVIA 7 JAN 64 LIBERIA'.

Another, more primitive forgery:

I think the above forgery is the one described in 'The Spud Papers II'. The background consists of diagonal straight lines (it should be wavy perpendicular lines). The shoulder and arm seems very large. Though in 'The Spud Papers', there is a flag on the ship, in this particular forgery there isn't any. Between the shading of the mantle on the stone and the word 'LIBERIA' there is very little space (in the genuine stamps there is quite some space). This forgery also exists in 6 p and 24 c.

Some other forgeries:


Spiro forgeries?

The above stamps have as cancel 'MONROWA LIBERIA', I've been told that these are Spiro forgeries.

And another forgery:

(A forgery with a very strange sky)

And again some other forgeries:


Copyright by Evert Klaseboer

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Preview of Stamps Catalogue CD : VOLUME 2