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COLOMBIA Miscellanous

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1865 Inscription 'SOBRE PORTE'

(reduced size)

  25 c black on blue
  50 c black on yellow
  1 P black on red

There exist forgeries of the 50 c and 1 P values (offered by Fournier). A forgery of the 50 c, but in the design of the 25 c exists. Furthermore Album Weeds mentions 3 more values (25 c, 50 c and 1 P) in completely different designs, these are bogus issues.

(Another forgery of the 25 c in the wrong colour: blue instead of black on blue!)


1865 Triangular stamp

  2 1/2 c black on lilac

There are at least three different forgeries of this stamp.

1865 Registration stamp, inscription 'A' or 'R'

Genuine stamp (Image thanks to Bill Claghorn) Genuine, image obtained thanks to Bill Claghorn
(Genuine stamps)

  5 c black
  5 c black

How to detect forgeries of the 'A' stamp?

For this and other information on the forgeries and genuine stamps see the website of Bill Claghorn.

The genuine stamps should have the following characteristics:
1) The dot below the 'S' in 'CENT.S' is nearer to the 'T' and not exactly below the 'S'
2) There are dots after the 'E' and 'U' of 'E. U. DE COLOMBIA'.
3) A leaf touches the 'C' or 'CORREOS' and almost touches the first 'R' of this same word.
4) There are eight clearly distinct berries on the left branch.
5) The '5' of '5 CENT' doesn't touch the branches.
6) The white lines around the 'A' are thin

First forgery of Album Weeds:

Forgery! Forgery! Reduced size
(Dot exactly under 'S' after 'CENT').

The above forgery was also offered by Fournier in his 1914 pricelist. The second stamp has a typcial Spiro cancel, they also exist cancelled with dots.

Second forgery of Album Weeds:

(Forgery obtained thanks to Bill Claghorn's site)

This forgery is printed more black and blotchy than the genuine stamps.

Third forgery:

(Dot exactly under 'S' after 'CENT').

How to detect forgeries of the 'R' stamp?

Image obtained from Bill Claghorns forgery site

The genuine stamps should have:
1) A very short dash (almost a dot) after the 'E' of 'E.U.'
2) The 'R' doesn't fit inside the circle and the circle is made bigger at the lower right hans side. The tail of the 'R' is just outside the circle.
3) The line inside the R is squared off in the upper left corner.
4) The '5' in the lower right hand side is touching the bricks of the center.

Album Weeds mentions 5 forgeries of the 'R' stamp.

I have my doubts about the next stamp, forgery?:

1869 Triangular stamp

  2 1/2 c black on lilac

1869 Registration stamp, inscription 'Anotacion' , R', or 'Rejistro', 'A'

  5 c black ('A')
  5 c black ('R')

There are at least two forgeries of the 'A' stamp and four of the 'R' stamp.

(Michelsen reprint?)

I've heard of so-called Michelsen reprints. They have a plain background behind the number instead of a lined background (both the 'A' and 'R' stamp). I think the above stamp is such a Michelsen reprint. I have also seen a 'A' stamp with a plane background.

1869 Registration stamp, inscription 'RECOMENDADA', large stamp

  10 c violet

1887 Inscription 'RETARDO'

  2 1/2 c black on grey
  2 1/2 c blue on red (1892)

1889 Registration stamp, inscription 'R no'

(Reduced size, picture obtained from http://berg.heim.at/kaprun/430320/01-Lehr/01/06/s_2.htm)

  10 c red
  10 c brown on brown (1892)

1894 Registration stamp, inscription 'A R'

1904 Postage stamp overprinted 'AR'

  5 c red

1904 'AR in circle, 'CORREOS' on top

Image obtained thanks to Christer Bergstrom

  10 c blue

1905 'AR' in fancy letters

  5 c blue

1910 'AR' in upper left and right corners, head of Acevedo Gomez

  5 c orange and green

1914 Arms, inscription 'RETARDO'

  2 c brown
  5 c green

Telegraph stapms

From 1881 to 1906 telegraph stamps (about 50 different stamps) were issued in Colombia, examples:

Local stamp?


(Reduced size)

Insured letter stamps


(Reduced size)

Other designs and values exist.

Fiscal Stamps

Examples, inscription 'TIMBRE NACIONAL':

Airmail Stamps

Some airmail stamps were issued in 1920, examples:

(Probably genuine airmail stamps)

Many of these airmail stamps are known to have been forged.

Copyright by Evert Klaseboer

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Preview of Stamps Catalogue CD : VOLUME 2