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Georg SARTORI (stamp forger)

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Georg Sartori was a stamp forger and dealer from Frankfurt a.M, Germany. He is not mentioned in 'Philatelic Forgers, their Lives and Works' by V.E.Tyler). His 1873 pricelist can be found online. Despite his guarantee of genuineness ('Aechtheid der Marken garantirt'), he is offering 'Bestens gelungene Imitationen' (most convincing imitations) for 10 Sgr. for 100 forgeries. He also offers the 'Hamburger Botenmarken': 114 pieces all different with 2 envelopes for 15 Groschen.

The book Roman States Forgeries by F.J.Levitsky mentions several forgeries of the Papal States (Roman States), made by Sartori around 1869.

Colombia registration stamp forgery. Dot exactly under "S" after "CENT". This is likely the Sartori forgery. The dot after "U" is missing.

More useful information on the forgeries of Colombia: http://www.copaphil.org/Copacarta%20Vol%201-20/VOLUME%2011/40_VOLUME.pdf

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