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BRAZIL miscellaneous

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Official stamps

1906 Inscription 'OFFICIAL', picture of Alfonso Penna

(Reduced sizes)

  10 r orange and green
  20 r orange and green
  50 r orange and green
  100 r orange and green
  200 r orange and green
  300 r orange and green
  400 r orange and green
  500 r orange and green
  700 r orange and green
  1000 r orange and green
  2000 r orange and green
  5000 r orange and green
  10000 r orange and green

1913 Inscription 'OFFICIAL', picture of H.R. da Fonseca

100000 r red and black

  10 r grey and black
  20 r ollive and black
  50 r grey and black
  100 r red and black
  200 r blue and black
  500 r yellow and black
  600 r violet and black
  1000 r brown and black
  2000 r brown and black
  5000 r brown and black
  10000 r black and black
  20000 r blue and black
  50000 r green and black
  100000 r red and black
  500000 r brown and black
  1000000 r brown and black

1919 Inscription 'OFFICIAL', picture of W.Braz

  10 r grey
  50 r green
  100 r red
  200 r blue
  500 r orange

Postage due stamps

1889-90 Inscription 'CORREIO TAXA DEVIDA BRAZIL'

  10 r red
  10 r orange
  20 r red
  20 r blue
  50 r red
  50 r olive
  100 r red
  200 r red
  200 r lilac
  300 r red
  300 r green
  500 r red
  500 r grey
  700 r red
  700 r violet
  1000 r red
  1000 r black

The red stamps were issued in 1899, the other colours in 1900. All these stamps are rouletted.

Value of the stamps

vc = very common
c  = common
*  = not so common
** = uncommon
*** = very uncommon
R   = rare
RR  = very rare
RRR = extremely rare
Red stamps (1899)
10 r** 
20 r**** 
50 r**** 
100 r** 
200 rR*** 
300 r**** 
500 r****** 
700 r****** 
1000 r****** 
Other colour stamps (1900)
10 r** 
20 r** 
50 r** 
200 r*** 
300 r*** 
500 r****** 
700 r****** 
1000 r****** 

Fournier made forgeries of these stamps. He offers 9 values (from 10 to 1000 reis) as first choice forgeres for 4 Swiss francs in his 1914 Pricelist. I presume these are only the red coloured stamps. He also offers 8 values (the coloured stamps?) for 3 Swiss Francs in the same pricelist. He probably used the following cancels ('O DO RIO GRANDE DO SUL 29 OUT 1908' and 'ADM. DO SC DO PARAMA EXP. 10 JUL 92'):

(Reduced size)

(Fournier forgery)


1895 Inscription 'CORREIO TAXA DEVIDA E.U.do BRAZIL'

(Reduced size)

  10 r blue
  20 r green
  100 r red
  200 r lilac
  300 r grey
  2000 r brown

1906 Smaller number, inscription 'BRAZIL CORREIO TAXA DEVIDA'

Sorry, no picture available yet

  10 r ?
  20 r violet
  50 r green
  100 r red
  200 r blue
  300 r brown
  400 r olive
  500 r violet
  600 r violet
  700 r brown
  1000 r red
  2000 r green
  5000 r brown

1919 Number, inscription 'BRASIL CORREIO TAXA DEVIDA'

Sorry, no picture available yet

  5 r red
  10 r violet
  20 r olive
  50 r green
  100 r red
  200 r blue
  400 r brown
  600 r violet
  600 r orange
  1000 r green
  2000 r brown
  5000 r black

Stamps for returned mail

1912 Inscription 'Servico Postal Correspondencia dilacerada'

Sorry, no picture available yet

  (-) orange on green

Telegraph stamps

1870 Telegraph machine, imperforate


  200 r green ('200' in white)
  200 r green ('200' in green)
  200 r black
  500 r red (2 types)
  1000 r blue (2 types)
  2000 r brown

The 200 r black has the inscription 'VALE PARA TRANSMISSAO FR. A. KIEFFER' at the sides:


1899 Head, inscription 'TELEGRAPHOS'

  200 r green
  500 r brown

War Labels

(Reduced size)

Labels with inscription 'EXERCITO EM OPERACOES CONTRA O PARAGUAY' were issued by Brazil during the war against Paraguay in 1865. Non of these labels were actually used for postal purposes. I have seen the colours: black on red, black on lilac, black on yellow, black on violet and black on blue.

Postal Stationery

1867 Embossed head

The following values exist in the above design: 20 r violet, 40 r blue, 60 r brown, 100 r green, 200 r brown and 300 r red.


1880 Postcards, arms of Brazil in an ellipse ('BILHETE POSTAL')

The values 20 r red and 50 r blue exist.


1880 Postcard, arms in a rectangle ('BILHETE POSTAL')

I have only seen the value 80 r orange.


1881 Head of Emperor facing left

In the above and similar designs exist: 20 r brown (with two different border designs), 50 r blue, 80 r orange,


Other example:

Envelopes in this design exist in the values 100 r red, 200 r lilac, 300 r blue and 500 r blue (issued 1892). In 1893 some wrappers in the same design were issued in the values 20 r green, 40 r yellow and 60 r brown.

Non issued stamps, ACRE


(Reduced size)

According to 'Les timbres de phantasie' of Georges Chapier (in French), these stamps were prepared for a country named Acre, nowadays in Brazil near Bolivia. This republic became independant for a very short time, but was never able to use these already prepared stamps. The following values seem to exist: 200 r, 300 r, 500 r and 800 r in the design with a tree, house and star and 2000 r and 5000 r in the design of a flag.

Copyright by Evert Klaseboer

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Preview of Stamps Catalogue CD : VOLUME 2