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WURTTEMBERG 1857-1865 Forgeries and Reprints, part 2

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Wurttemberg 1857-1865
Wurttemberg Forgeries of the 1857-1865 issues, part 1


Peter Winter forgeries of the 70 k stamps (also on envelopes):

3 times 70 K forgeries on envelope

The above envelope is addressed to 'Herren Augusto Kremer & Co Petropolis Provinzia de Rio de Janeiro Brasilien', in the top left corner is written 'Via Antwerpen'. I've also seen it with "STUTTGART Charge" in green and an additional "AACHEN 27 PAID 23 cts." cancel. The stamps and cancels are placed on different spots in the various forged envelopes of this type.


The above forgeries of the 70 k all seem to have the same cancel: a 'piece of cake'-alike cancel (Fächerstempel in German) with inscription "STUTTGART POSTAMT SEP 8". I've also seen Peter Winter forgeries in a block of three pasted on a piece of a letter, all with "ULM 3 JUN. 1873 12-3" cancel in black.

(Forged letter, reduced size, probably a product of Peter Winter)

Peter Winter forgery
(A Peter Winter forgery)

Probably another Winter forgery on envelope

The above forged 70 k stamp on letter has some very special cancels: "STUTTGART Charge" with black lozenges between the two words. The letter is adressed to "Messieurs Pansan et Montgolfier", it further has the written text "Einschreiben". Note, that the same forged letter (same text!) has also been used by Peter Winter to generate a forged letter from Bremen!

I've seen a similar forged letter (same inscription etc), but with the cancels placed at a slightly different place.

Peter Winter even forged a block of six 70 k stamps

I presume that all the other 'products' above have been made by Peter Winter as well.

A picture of what I think should be a genuine "STUTTGART Charge" cancel:


('Reprint' sheet with six 70 k stamps, inscription at the bottom reads: 'Zur Erinnerung an die NAPOSTA 81 Stuttgart von SAFE, Schwabische Albumfabrik Reutlingen', I presume this sheet was issued in 1981)

I have also seen this 'reprint sheet' with the following text at the bottom (instead of the text with Naposta above): 'Die 70 Kr. Wurttemberg erschine 1873 und war damals am Aalener Postamt nicht erhaltlich. Heute erhalten Sie diesen Nachdruck mit freundlicher Empfehlung von Briefmarken Bottiger, Aalen'.

Another photographic reproduction of a sheet of six 70 k stamps. The black text on top is different from the previous 'reprint'. Note the vertical alignment of the 'fr.' and 'fl.' of first and second line of the top inscription. The backside of this sheet has inscription "Die 70 Kreuzer-Marke ist der hochste Wert der koniglich wurtt. Postverwaltung 6er Block 70 Kreuzer aus der Staatl. Wurttembergischen Postwertzeichensammlung Stuttgart Wurttembergischer Philatelisten - Verein Stuttgart 1882 75 Jahre 1957". I've also seen it cancelled with a fancancel 'STUTTGART SEP 17' in which the 'E' of 'SEP' is inverted.

Zoom-in of one of the above 70 k forgeries, it can clearly be seen that it has been produced from a photograph.

Reprint from a Schneider auction from 1979.

A cut from this Schneider sheetlet.

Copyright by Evert Klaseboer