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WURTTEMBERG 1857-1865 Forgeries and Reprints, part 1

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Wurttemberg 1857-1865
Wurttemberg Forgeries of the 1857-1865 issues, part 2


Reprints exist of the imperforate stamps (except the 70 k value), if I'm well informed they were made in 1875.
Reprints of the stamps with silk thread:
The reprints with silk thread have red silk thread instead of orange. The 6 k also seems to have been reprinted with yellow silk thread. The 1 k is greyish brown in colour.
Reprints of the stamps without silk thread:
The reprints without silk thread are more difficult to distinguish, only the 6 k has a darker green colour than the original. The intervals between two stamps is always larger than in the genuine stamps; for the reprints with silk thread it is 1.5 mm (instead of 0.75 mm), for the reprints without silk thread it is 1.5 to 2.0 mm (instead of 1 to 1.25 mm).

Reprint of the 1 k value

Reprint of the 1 k with silk thread in a block of 6 stamps, reduced size, note the larger margins between two stamps

Reprint of the 3 k orange stamp with red silk thread

Some genuine 6 or 7 kr blue with the value inscription changed to "18"?

I possess this 'reprint' of the 18 k blue imperforate stamp; the embossing only contains the global design in the center, but the smaller details of the animals and the arms are not embossed. Also the vertical "18" in the lower left corner seems to have been 'pasted in' in the printing plate; around it some lines can still be seen. Next to it some perforated 18 k orange stamps made by the same forger and also a 70 kr forgery. The perforation does not match in the corners on the 18 kr forgeries. They have a "STUTTGART 28 APR 1857" cancel. I've also seen the blue forgery with this cancel. Also the 18 k forgery of the previous issue with the same cancel. These might be the forgeries offered by Oneglia in his 1906 catalogue.

Heavily embossed forgery with the same cancel "STUTTGART 28 APR 1857"

Reprints were also made in bogus colors in limited quantities, examples:

1 k brown on lilac reprint 1 k green 6 k olive-green
I've also seen 1 k green on green, 1 k violet on blue, 1 k brown and 1 k violet on green.

According to the 'Neudrucke und ihre Kennzeichen' (Reprints and their characteristics) of Ohrt the reprints in phantasy colors of the 1 k were made either for an Englishman called Faiburn or for Ferdinand Elb from Dresden. These 1 k reprints exist in the colors green, brown and violet. They have no silk thread or a vertical silk thread (original stamps only exist with a horizontal silk thread).

A modern 'reprint' in blue with the value omitted made in 1981 by Gehringer for the Daposta 81 exhibition. The text in the minisheet states that the original printing plates were used. The embossing of the central part is totally missing, instead the arms part is printed in blue.

Minisheet of a blue stamp together with a 1862 postal stationary reprint.


Forgeries, examples:

Very primitive forgeries of the 70 k value with bogus "114"(?) cancel. I've seen more of such forgeries, with the same cancel.

Another primitive forgery of a 9 k black(?) forgery. The perforation is very wide and the embossing has been printed in black. Next to it a forgery possibly made by the same forger from India.

A very primitive 9 k brown forgery.

Another very primitive 9 k brown forgery.

Senf forgery:

I posess this Senf forgery, it always has the overprint "FALSCH." In my opinion, the stars in the four corners are too small. There is no embossing.

This appears to be a photo of a 70 k stamp, note that the central part is also coloured with dots. If I'm not mistaken these forgeries were made by the 'Wurttembergischer Philatelisten - Verein Stuttgart' in 1957. They were issued in a sheet with 6 stamps (see later), but there is text on the backside. I've also seen them with a fancancel "STUTTGART II SEP 17", with the "E" of "SEP" inverted.

Heavily embossed 70 kr forgery.

The next stamps are forgeries of the 18 k value. The upper left hand side of the lower '18' should be somewhat thicker in the genuine stamps. The scroll at the left hand bottom side also should not go as far outwards as in this forgery. I presume these forgeries were made by Fournier, although the cancel "WANGEN 20 10 59" does not appear in 'The Fournier album of philatelic forgeries' (the Serrane guide mentions it as being a Fournier forged cancel) under Wurttemberg, but is actually shown under Switzerland.

Fournier 18 k forgery 'proof', actually taken from a Fournier album, with "FAUX" overprint. Also a 18 k yellow forgery from the Fournier Album.

Offered on a Behr auction as genuine in 2011
Fournier forgeries of the 18 k orange stamp with "TUTTLINGEN 2 APR 1867 3 N 6" cancel. The forgery on the right hand side was offered as genuine on a prestigiuos Internet auction in 2011 for 1000 Euros.....

This Fournier forgery sold on an Internet auction in November 2017 for 434 US$.... (it was offered there as genuine).

Cancels that do appear in 'The Fournier Album of Philatelic Forgeries' are:
"*BLAUBEUDEN* 17 AUG 1853" in a circle with cut-off bottom
"* CANNSTATT 15 JUN 99 *" in a single circle
"OKT 13 10-11 V M.NECKAR F" part of a circular cancel
"STUTTGART 21 NOV 11-12 1861" in a double circle
"KIRCHHEIM 9 OKT 13" part of a circular cancel
"TUTTGART Nr1 17 KT 3" part of a circular cancel
"NIJAGST" part of a circular cancel
"TUTTLINGEN 2 APR 1867 3 N 6" circular cancel (two rings outside and one inner circle)
"ROTH 6? 4? 56" circular cancel (two rings outside and one inner circle)
"STUTTGART 12 4 (1)" in a single circle
"STUTTGART 2 MAR 18??" circular cancel (two rings outside and one inner circle)
"STUTTGART 24 NOV. 1868 3 N 6" circular cancel (two rings outside and one inner circle)
"STUTT POST JU" part of a fancancel
"WANGEN 20 10 59" (shown under Switzerland in the Fournier Album!)

Click here for mor Wurttemberg Fournier Forgeries, including part of the Fournier Album.

(I've been told that this stamp is a forgery, note the bad '8's, it has a Cannstatt cancel but I can't read the date)

This is a genuine 7(!) k rouletted stamp with a railroad cancel, the '7's were changed into '18' to pretent to be a much more valuable 18 k stamp. Furthermore the rouletted parts were cut off. The '18's are very badly drawn in this forgery. Image found at: http://bdph.de/forum/forumdisplay.php?f=23

Another attempt to change a cheap 3 k stamp into a much more valuable 9 k stamp: the '3' have been carfully painted over with a '9'. The left '3' has been 'forgotten' since it was apparently too difficult to create a convincing '9' just under the cancel.

This rare 1 k brown perforated stamp has expert mark "J.SCHL" (Julius Schlesinger) at the back; this expert is known not to be very reliable, it might therefore be a forgery or perforated reprint

This 'inverted' 3 Kr blue is most likely made by Zechmeyer.

1 Kr black forgery with unreadable cancel.

A mystery item: 3 k black on yellow with nice embossing, but the lettering different from the genuine stamps.

A highly suspicious 18 k yellow stamp

Dealer labels:

Above is shown a label of the firm Hacker & Rau, similar to a 70 k stamp, however with the left '70 KREUZER' replaced by the words 'HACKER & RAU' and the right '70 KREUZER' replaced by 'STUTTGART'. This label has no central embossing. The above label is also mentioned in the Serrane guide.

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