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UNITED STATES Newspaper stamps

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1865 Large stamps with images of Washington, Franklin and Lincoln

5 c blue (blue border)
(Reduced size)

5 c blue (white border)

  5 c blue (blue border)
  5 c blue (white border, 1867)
  10 c green
  25 c red

Cancels: the stamps with coloured border are extremely rare in used condition (about 20 stamps known to exist), some examples can be seen at: http://www.ghg.net/dpepper/e61census.htm


(left genuine, right a forgery)

Many forgeries exist, some of the forgeries are in the wrong colour or wrong shade of colour. The text at the bottom of the stamp 'National Bank Note Co' must be clearly visible. Most genuinely used stamps are pencancelled (not postmarked!) and are rare.

(A forged 'BOSTON' circular cancel, hardly visible by the way, I don't know if the stamp is genuine)

All above alike cancels 'BOSTON' or 'NEW YORK' in a circle are forgeries.

(A Fournier forgery with an example of a forged 'NEW YORK' cancel, taken from 'The Fournier Album of Philatelic Forgeries', reduced size)

A forgery with the text 'LICHTDRUCK':

And some other forgeries with overprint 'Fac-Simile':


1875 Various designs, 'lovely ladies'

12 c red 60 c red Genuine Genuine Genuine
(Reduced sizes)

  1 c black (1885)
  2 c black
  3 c black
  4 c black
  6 c black
  8 c black
  9 c black
  10 c black
  12 c red
  24 c red
  36 c red
  48 c red
  60 c red
  72 c red
  84 c red
  96 c red
  192 c red
  3 $ red
  6 $ blue
  9 $ orange
  12 $ green
  24 $ violet
  36 $ red
  48 $ brown
  60 $ violet

Cancels consists of penstrokes, stars or punched holes. For examples see the website: http://www.ghg.net/dpepper/e6postmarks.htm.

(Genuinly used stamps?)


Spiro forgeries of these stamps:

Spiro forgery! Spiro forgery!

Other stamps that I do not quite trust:

(Reduced sizes)

Another forgery with overprint 'FALSCH' (=forged in German) and 'Facsimile'.

The Senf brothers of Leipzig, Germany also made forgeries of these stamps. They were distributed with the journal 'Illustriertes Briefmarken Journal'. The word 'FALSCH' (=forged in German) is incorporated in the design. It seems that no 1 c was forged, but instead an advertisement label was made:

(Senf advertisement label, reduced size, inscription 'Gebr. Senf Leipzig')

(Zoom-in of the word 'FALSCH' on two stamps)

(24 c inscription 'FALSCH' in the stars and with blue overprint 'FACSIMILE')

(3 c and 8 c forgeries with inscription 'FALSCH' and 'FACSIMILE' at both sides of the head)


The Senf forgeries exist with the overprint 'Facsimile'. The earliest and smallest facsimile overprints have a dimension of 9mm x 1mm, and the largest ones 21mm x 2.5mm. It seems that 7 different kinds of this overprint exist.

'Falsch' written in the design, above the '3'
(Facsimile overprint, 'FALSCH' incorporated in the design)

(In this forgery the words 'FALSCH' have been disguized with black blotches)

Large 'FACSIMILE' overprint in the colour of the stamp:

I have seen the values 1c, 2c, 3c, 8c, 9c, 10c, 12c, 24c, 60c, 192c, $3, $6, $9, $12, $36 and $60 with the above overprint. Probably all values exist.

Sometimes, these overprints were covered by cancels by other forgers. Example of such a forgery:

(The word FACSIMILE is coloured in and a fake cancel is applied)

'Phototypie' forgeries

Another forgery can be attributed to the printer Kohl & Co Lichtdrucke in Frankfurt am Main. They have a overprint 'Phototypie' (on the lower black values this is in colour with an additional overprint 'Imit'.) or a circular overprint 'Kohl&Co':

(Kohl&Co forgeries)

According to the website: http://www.stamp2.com/articles/ascgb/article1.asp, there are also some forgeries made by Isenstein(?) of Germany; some crude copies (2 c to 96 c only). Furthermore, there seem to be some forgeries made by Freidl of France with overprint 'Facsimile' (10 mm x 1.55 mm) with the word 'FAUX' added in the design (all values).

(Forgery with 'FAUX' in the design at the feet of the figure)

1894 Design changed, 'lovely ladies' second issue

Genuine Genuine Genuine Genuine
(Reduced sizes)

2 c black
(reduced size)

  1 c black
  2 c black
  5 c black
  10 c black
  25 c red
  50 c red
  2 $ orange
  5 $ blue
  10 $ green
  20 $ black
  50 $ red
  100 $ violet

These stamps were last used in 1st July 1898. Many of the remainders (27000) were sold to collectors at reduced prices after this date. The higher values were even reprinted for this purpose.

Cancels consists of penstrokes, fancy cancels or 'normal' city cancels. For examples see the website: http://www.ghg.net/dpepper/e6postmarks.htm.

Forgeries or forged cancels do not seem to exist of these stamps.


Some nice websites on forgeries of these newspaper stamps: http://www.stamp2.com/articles/ascgb/article1.asp or http://www.ghg.net/dpepper/ (excellent, highly recommended)

Copyright by Evert Klaseboer

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