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Upham forgeries

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Samuel C. Upham was a forger from Philadelphia (USA). He only made quite crude forgeries of the Confederate issues of the USA and some of the confederate locals. His forgeries are supposed to have been made in 1862 (so only shortly after the appearance of the genuine stamps).

Examples of his Confederate States forgeries:

In the above forgeries made by S.C.Upham, the background consists of square dots. On early prints, the cheek has some shading on it (see first image above). They were produced in sheets of six (see below) and I've seen the colours light green, dark green, blue, orange and red.

(Upham sheet, reduced size)

It seems that mostly his forgeries were printed in sheets of six.

(Upham forgery)

In the above Upham forgery, the face is very crudely made, the background consists of horizontal lines and there is a small dash to the right of 'OF'. I have also seen this stamp in red.

(Upham forgery)

The above stamp is another very crude forgery made by Upham.

I'm not aware of Upham producing any other values than 5 and 10 c of the Confederate States.

Upham forgeries of the locals of the Confederate States:

He is believed to have made forgeries of Memphis (2 c 'Mc Callaway' and 5 c), Mobile (5 c), Nashville (5 c) and New Orleans (2 c blue, 2 c red, 5 c brown).

Memphis Tenessee:

2 c:

A picture of the 2 c 'Mc Callaway' of Memphis can be found in 'Philatelic Forgers, Their Lives and Works' by Varro E. Tyler. I don't have a picture available here.

5 c:

Upham forgery, image obtained with permission from Kevin Baker
(Upham forgery, with zoom-in)

This Upham forgery has the following distinghuishing characteristics (obtained from Kevin Baker's site): There is no partial diamond between the 'M' and 'P' of 'MEMPHIS'. The '5' cuts off the top part of two diamonds. There are two complete diamonds below the 'H' and 'I' of 'MEMPHIS'.


(Sorry, no picture available)


(Sorry, no picture available)

New Orleans

5 c brown, Upham counterfeit Image obtained with permission from Kevin Baker's site
(Upham forgeries)

The above stamps are Upham counterfeits, there is a big space between the 'O' and the 'S' of 'POST' (see the red arrows in the picture on the right hand side). The 'S' leans too far to the right. The left upper ornament is touching the label with 'J.L. Riddell', in the genuine stamp it doesn't. The ornament in the lower left corner looks like a hand, it's therefore called the 'waving hand forgery'. The thin leaf at the bottom doesn't touch the circle above it. The ornament at the right upper corner had four small leaves pointing upwards. Finally, there is no thin arched line between the circle and the word 'PAID'.

Baton Rouge

If my information is correct, the above forgery of Baton Rouge was also made by Upham.

Upham is also believed to be repsonsable for the 'Blockade' issues made in 1864. However, several forgeries of this fantasy issue exist. I don't know if the stamps shown below are made by him or another forger.

(Fantasy blockade stamps possibly made by Upham)

Literature: 'Philatelic Forgers, Their Lives and Works' by Varro E. Tyler.

http://members.home.com/kr.baker/csa/fakes/ (Kevin Baker)

Copyright by Evert Klaseboer

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