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All parcel stamps of Australia are quite rare. Railway parcel stamps are much more common.



1880(?) John Woods & Compy Parcel Delivery

(issued around 1880, extremely rare! picture obtained from: http://www.premierphilately.com/services/auction90/ )


City & Suburban Parcel Delivery Bryce (Queensland)

3 p red

(Issued 1910, 9 p green)

Besides the 9 p green, I have also seen the following values in the same design: 6 p blue and 1 Sh yellow (all cancelled with blue pen strikes).

I have also seen a 1 p orange stamp in a slightly different design; the text "CITY & SUBURBAN PARCEL DELIVERY BRYCE LD" has been replaced by "BRYCE LIMITED" (I've been told that this stamp was issued in 1950).



J.R. Cocking parcels express

This company seems to have issued labels from 1895 to 1900 in Adelaide.

Besides the 4 p blue and 6 p red, I have also seen a 6 p blue stamp from this company (design same as the 6 p red).


1880 Bradley & Co

A stamp in a design very similar to the above Cockings design was issue by Bradley.


1896 Combe, Green & Co., Parcels Express

Example of a parcel stamp of this company from 1890:


McCulloch's Parcel Stamps (1860?-1880)

Reduced size

I've seen the following values:
6 p blue (red inscription 'REGISTERED A')
6 p red (blue inscription 'REGISTERED B')
6 p green (lilac inscription 'REGISTERED C')
6 p lilac (black inscription 'REGISTERED D')

Some other extremely rare labels (possibly unique) of this company (images obtained from www.premierphilately.com/ ) :

(6 p green)

The Adelaide branch of this company was taken over by Combe, Green & Co.


1896 Crews & Moorehouse, design very similar to the parcel stamps of Victoria

The overprint is a straight line with 'C.L. MOORHOUSE & Co.' (note that Moorhouse is spelt differently).

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