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NEVIS, Forgeries of the first issue

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1861 Arms of the colony; genuine stamps:


For the specialist: these stamps are unwatermarked. There are 12 different types of each stamp (they were issued in twelve stamps in each sheet). In 1861 the values 1 p, 4 p red, 6 p and 1 Sh were engraved on bluish or yellowish paper, perforated 13. The values 1 p, 4 p orange and 1 Sh were issued engraved on white paper in 1867, perforated 13. In 1876 the values 1 p, 4 p orange, 6 p and 1 Sh were issued lithographed with perforation 15 (also 11 1/2 for the 1 p).

Quite a number of forgeries exist of these stamps, some of them dangerous (engraved) forgeries.


Most likely a Spiro forgery. I've seen it with typical Spiro cancels. In the genuine stamps the lower leg of the "E" of "ONE" is very long. The dress of the sick lady is clearly V-shaped around her neck. There appear to be two shades of this forgery type, yellowish green and bluish green.

Two Spiro forgeries of the 4 p value, the crosses in the corners and the lettering are too thick. It also exists in yellow color. On the left hand side, there is too much space between the circle and the left hand border. These forgeries usually have a New South Wales alike forged cancel, but it also exists with a pattern of dots (as above) and possible other cancels.Also note the "A0?" cancel, which resembles very much cancels on forged British Guiana stamps.

Probably all Spiro forgeries of the 6 p value.

Spiro forgery with "909" numeral cancel.

1 p wrong colour; black on lilac. The cancel (consisting of four lines) is always placed in the same position. This forgery was made by the stamp forger Zechmeyer

(Oneglia forgeries, reduced sizes)

(Oneglia forgeries)

The above engraved forgeries are made by Oneglia. Album Weeds mentions that these forgeries first appeared in 1904-1905. The 4 p of this forgery set has four very heavy dots in the corners. They often appear with a "1" numeral cancel and with too wide margins. The "X" of "SIX" in the 6 p value is badly done. In my opinion, the head of the upper lady in the 1 Shilling value is too far from the ellipse above it when compared to a genuine stamp.

Other primitive forgeries:

Note that the 1 Sh is in the design of the 1 p! The genuine stamps are quite different with the central design in an ellipse! The 1 Sh also has the wrong inscription "1 SCHILLING" instead of "1 SHILLING" pointing to a German origin (possibly the stamp dealer Zechmeyer).

Spiro forgery of the 1 p stamp and another 'SCHILLING' bogus stamp as shown above. The 1 p Spiro forgery can be distinguished by the rays of the corner stars, which do not extend all the way to the surrounding squares. The left and right wavy patterns are less regular than in the genuine 1 p stamp. I've also seen this 1 p forgery with a "VF" cancel with unreadable text around it (see image above). The panel with 'NEVIS' is placed slightly too low when compared to the boxed with ornaments left and right of it in the1 p Spiro forgery.

More Spiro(?) forgeries with "VF" cancels.

The same "905" bogus cancel on Sierra Leone and St.Christopher.

A 4 p forgery which I have only seen with a "40?" numeral cancel. In my opinion, the "F" of "FOUR" is too close to the left border and the 'R' of this word has no tail. I've seen this forgery in yellow as well. They appear to have a "408" cancel, very similar to the Treherne forgeries of Western Australia.

A very primitive forgery with a "975" numeral cancel, click here for more of such forgeries made in India

Other forgery of the 1 p value. Note the very prominent side ornaments and the bogus cancels.

The word "NEVIS" is too small and "ONE" and "SHILLING" are placed too close to each other in this forgery of the 1 Sh stamp.

Forgeries of the 1 Sh value; Note the weird cancel on the second forgery. The same cancel can be found in the Fournier Album (see image at the right hand side)

Forgery of the 1 Sh value with very strange grill cancel and one with a numeral 8 cancel.

Forgery of the 1 Sh on very white paper.

Another forgery of the 1 Sh value.

Fournier forgeries of the 6 p and 1 Sh value as they can be found in the 'Fournier Album of Philatelic Forgeries'. Fournier also forged the 1 p stamp (sorry, no images available yet). Both the above forgeries are rather primitive. The arm of the sick lady points to the "E" of "ONE" instead of the 'N' of this word.

Forged cancel "A09" as used by the forger Fournier. I've seen it applied on a genuine stamp of St.Lucia with the fiscal pencancel removed.

Block of four 1 p Fournier forgeries from the back of a Fournier Album; as 'proofs' of stamps that were out of stock (Epreuves des cliches dont les tmbres n'existent plus au stock).

Another forgery with a "56" numeral cancel. Also a forgery with a "CHARLESTOWN SP 8? ??" cancel which also exists on forgeries of the Queen Victoria issue.

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