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I've seen quite a number of forgeries of the German States, which were apparently made by the same forger. I've listed them here. Even though Fournier sold these forgeries, I don't think he was the producer. They might have been produced by the forger Spiro, but I'm not sure.

Forgeries of Hamburg

(These forgeries of Hamburg can be found in Fournier's Album of Philatelic Forgeries: the cancel is "HAMBURG" in a circle with no indication of a date

Forgeries of the Hanover 1850-1852 issue

Fournier forgery! Fournier forgery!
(With "FAUX" overprint from a 'Fournier Album')

forgeries of Hanover, typical cancel "LUNEBURG" with no date, reduced size

Strip of five 1/10 Th forgeries with "HANNOVER" cancel (no date)

Forgery, enhanced by Fournier by applying a forged cancel "FREIBURG 17 10"


Forgeries of Mecklenburg Schwerin

Fournier forgery
Mecklenburg Schwerin forgeries

On the above forgeries a two-ring cancel can be found with cityname, but with no indication of the date. I have seen "SCHWERIN", "ROSTOCK" and "GÜSTROW" (others might exist).

Large inscription 'POSTMARKE' Forgery! this stamp has a dot behind 'POSTMARKE'
These Lubeck forgeries might also have been made by the same forger.

Stamps forgeries - Timbres-Poste faux - Briefmarken Fälschungen

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