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1881 Commerce issue

The 1881 issue has been forged. Especially rare overprints have been forged on genuine and forged stamps.

Fournier made forgeries of these base stamps (and made lots of forged overprints on these stamps aswell). The Fournier forgeries were printed in blocks of twelve stamps (3 rows of 4 stamps).

Genuine Forgery (obtained thanks to Bill Claghorn's forgery site: http://geocities.com/claghorn1p/)  
Genuine stamp has:
1) Perfect perforation in the corners
2) unbroken line to the left of the R
of REPUBLIQUE in bottom tablet.
3) unbroken pole where it touches forehead wreath.
4) No dark dash in lines under right edge of N of COLONIES
5) U shape in right arm buckle.
Forgery has some of the following (maybe not all):
1) Perforation in corners does 'not match'
2) Broken line to the left of the R of REPUBLIQUE in bottom tablet.
3) Broken pole where it touches forehead wreath.
4) Dark dash in lines under right edge of N of COLONIES
5) Line in right arm buckle.
Second forgery
This forgery does not look like a Fournier product,
1) the printing is quite bad
2) the perforation is different (12?)
3) It doesn't have the Fournier characteristics
4) However, the forged cancel "COTONOU"
exists in the Fournier Album.
5) The "O"s of "COLONIES" are rounder
6) The "O" and the "N" of "COLONIES" are
further apart than in the genuine stamps.
7) Note the strange "E" in "FRANCAISE".
Probably the second forgery mentioned in the
Serrane guide and a product of Oneglia? .

Other examples of Fournier forgeries:

Block of 25 c Fournier forgeries as they can be found in the Fournier Album.

Fournier forgery, large '1' almost touches containing frame to the left Fournier forgery taken from a Fournier Album of Philatelic Forgeries
Part of a block of 75 c forgeries from a Fournier Album. Imperforate 15 c with "FAUX" overprint, 20 c, 1 F and perforated 25 c and 35 c Fournier forgeries (also with "FAUX" overprint), I've also seen the 25 c imperforate.

(Forged stamps and forged Tahiti overprint and inverted Indo China overprint)

Fournier forgery!
(Obock, Diego Suarez and Guyane Fournier forgeries)

(Fournier forgeries of Benin, cancel 'GRAND POPO BENIN 7 NOV 92')

The above Fournier forgery of New Caledonia has a forged postmark 'NOUVELLE CALEDONIE 2E/3 SEPT 29 MOUNEA'. In the forged overprint 'NLLE CALEDONIE' there is no accent on the 'E' of 'CALEDONIE'. In the Fournier Album of Philatelic Forgeries another forged overprint can be found with the '=' starting below the first 'L' of 'NLLE' instead of the second 'L'.

Examples of the second forgery, note the short leg of the "7" in the 75 c value.

I think this forgery of the previous issue was made by the same forger? It has the same defective "E" in "FRANCAISE". They might both have been made by the forger Oneglia. They also appear with the same cancels.

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