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FRANCE (+ colonies); Postage due stamps, Forgery Type 4

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1884 Postage due stamps of France and colonies (so-called Duval type), genuine stamps:

Certified genuine
Presumably genuine stamps



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The stamp forger Venturini is known to have made forgeries of the French postage due stamps (and also the French colonies), see "Philatelic forgers, their lives and works" by V.E.Tyler.


Forgeries, Type 4:

These appear to be relatively modern products(?) or reprints (?) on white paper. The design and perforation are pretty good and they are often offered as genuine stamps. The perforation holes appear slightly too small and they always seem to appear with the same cancels. I've only seen them for the Franc values of France and mainly for the black coloured values.

Another set of very dubious stamps, the 1 F always has a scratch through the "H" of "CHIFFRE" and there is a tiny dot in the curved line next to the left part of the "1". In my opinion, in the 2 F there is a small black spot in the flower ornaments to the right of the second "S" of the left "POSTES", the accent on the "A" is too far from the "A" of "FRANCS". The perforation is too neat and the paper too white. The perforation holes appear too small. When cancelled they often have a "LYON LES TERREAUX? 1E/29 FEVR 8?" cancel or a dented triangle cancel. I suspect that the stamps cancelled with "BOULOGNE S-MER 4E/13 AOUT 86 PAS DE CALAIS" are of the same origin. I've noticed that on many of these 5 F forgeries, there is a break in the upper frameline above the second "F" of "CHIFFRE".

A 1 F brown stamp with the same "BOULOGNE S-MER 4E/13 AOUT 86 PAS DE CALAIS" (but without the year "86"?), most likely made by the same forger. This forgery type also appears with the cancel "ABBEVILLE 1E/ 14 SEPT 84 SOMME".

It looks like this 2 F red forgery also originates from the same source, as well as this dubious 60 c stamps and a 50 c stamp.

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