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BREMEN Forgeries made by Peter Winter

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The forger Peter Winter (Germany) made forgeries of many classic and rare stamp of several countries in the 1980's. They sometimes have the word 'replik' written on the backside (but not always). He not only sold them 'loose' but also on cover. He seems to have used some photographs of the British Library in London to make some of his forgeries (source: http://www.sheryll.net/Forgeries/Germany/Forgeries_article_Germany.htm). A catalog exists of the 'House of Stamps', offering his 'stamps', see: http://www.seymourfamily.com/billclaghorn/HouseOfStamps/index.htm. Recently, these forgeries are offered in large numbers on internet auctions for low prices.

(Example of the 'replik' overprint on the backside of a Winter forgery

Note on all Winter forgeries:They are printed on modern paper (the paper doesn't 'look' old). This is the main distinghuishing characteristic.

I suspect the above forged letter to have been made by Peter Winter, note that a similar 'ST.P.A. 29 7 BREMEN' cancel can be found in 'The Fournier Album of Philatelic Forgeries' (even though the value 5 g does not appear in his 1914 pricelist).

Note that the same(!) letter is also shown above (with different locations of the cancels, stamp etc.).

Zoom-in of a similar envelope

a Peter Winter forgery
(a Peter Winter forgery)

The above stamp is a Peter Winter forgery, it can easily be detected by the rouletted perforation.

A Peter Winter forgery of the 10 G stamp

Some forgeries in the wrong colours:

(Peter Winter forgeries of proofs?)

The forger Peter Winter made some 'proofs' in different colours. I have seen 5 sgr black on lilac, 5 sgr black on yellow, 2 g green, 2 g black on yellow, 2 g black on lilac, 3 g green, 3 g black on lilac, 3 g black on yellow 10 g green, 10 g black on yellow and 10 g black on lilac. These forgeries were made in the 1980's, so they don't have the 'old' look.

The above forged 7 g stamp on letter has been totally faked by Peter Winter. Everything is forged, the letter, stamp and postmarks. The letter is adressed to 'Messieurs Pansan et Montgolfier', it further has the written text 'Einschreiben'. Note, that the same forged letter (same text!) has also been used by Peter Winter to generate a forged letter for Wurttemberg (see there)!

Another completely forged item with a 5 g and a 7 g forged stamp

Zoom-in of the 7 g forgery

Other forged letter with a 7 g stamp

I presume that the next forged letters were also made by Peter Winter:

2 g Winter forgery on a letter to Mr. Schroder in Hamburg (the letter is also forged).

Zoom-in of a similar envelope with a forged 2 g stamp with forged blue 'BREMEN 28 8 * 6-7' cancel

And another Winter product

Zoom-in on the stamp of the above envelope. The stamp has a 'BREMERHAVEN 4 10' cancel.

Zoom-in on the stamp of this envelope, with black 'BREMEN 31/12 * 6-7' cancel

Forged envelope with forged 5 Sgr and 2 G stamps

Zoom-in of the above envelope with forged 5 Sgr and 2 G stamps with forged red 'BREMEN 31/12 * 6-7' cancel (same cancel as previous envelope, but colour changed).

Forged envelope with four 10 g stamps

Zoom-in on one of the stamps of the above envelope

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