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BREMEN Forgeries, 7 G and 5 Sgr

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Detection of forgeries

ATTENTION: many forgeries exist! I will essentially follow the book 'the forged stamps of all countries' by J.Dorn in describing the characteristics of the genuine stamps. The stamps of Bremen were reprinted from new plates (and can thus be considered as forgeries) by the same firm that printed the genuine stamps: G.Hunckel. They were then offered by the dealer E.W.C Bredemeyer as 'reprints' or 'remainders'. Other forgeries also exist (even some modern 'proofs' made by Peter Winter; click here for more examples of these Bremen forgeries).


7 Grote:

1. The 'b' of 'Sieben' is open at the bottom.
2. The lines of the shield can still be seen above it.

1: The 'b' is open at the bottom 2: Lines above shield

3. The 'M' of 'Marke' is cut off by the containing label.
4. Due to bad printing there are dots in the letters of 'Marke'

3 'M' outside label and 4: dots in 'Marke' 5: ornament in outer frame

5. The ornament is continued into the frame line at the right hand side of the stamp.

Other examples of forgeries:

Forgery! Bredemeyer forgery, obtained from the forgery site of Bill Claghorn
Bredemeyer forgeries? with the 'b' of 'Sieben' closed at the bottom. It has a very small dot above the 'i' in 'Sieben' when compared to a genuine stamp. Also the vertical lines of the shield do not extend above this shield.

Other forgery in which the top part of the 'F' of 'Franco' extends too far to the left. The 'G' is quite different from a genuine stamp. Also the background pattern is not similar to a genuine stamp (for example to the top right part of the left '7'). I've seen this forgery with a cancel consisting of parallel lines.

This forgery has some background lines through the 'a' of 'Marke' and several letter of the words 'Sieben Grote'. I've seen an improved version without these lines. The 'G' of 'Grote' does not have a top serif. I've been told that this forgery was sold by Fournier.

Forgery with 'b' of 'Sieben closed and the lines in the upper right corner different from the genuine stamps. I've only seen it with a Bremen box cancel.

A Sperati forgery, reproduced from a genuine stamp with missing right upper part of the 't' of 'Grote'. Some very small white spurs can be found at the right of the 'a' of 'Franco' and to the top left of the 'n' of 'Sieben'. Sperati also made 'proofs' of this forgery on a minisheet with a single stamp with the text 'REPRODUCTION INTERDITE' and the signature of Sperati added.

A Peter Winter forgery made in the 1980's (it also exists on forged letters). Click here for more Bremen forgeries made by Peter Winter.

5 Sgr green

The imperforated stamps are of a different type than the perforated stamps.
The Claghorn site says:

Original is lithographed on stone, in yellow-green, moss green and bluish-green, on soft paper.
1. The upper right circle consists of two concentric circles.
2. The shield containing the word "BREMEN" is joined to the center piece. There is a break in the line under the "B" which curves up and joins the B.

Distinguishing characteristic #3: dot in the ornament at the left hand side.

3. There is a dot in the ornament (just above the ellipse) at the left but no such dot in the ornament at the right.
4. The outline on the second border ornament on the right from the top, is thickened.
5. There is a dot on the left and the right in the lower part of the central oval.
6. There are shade lines above the 5 but these are faint on type 1.
7. The end stroke of the "R" of "BREMEN" is lengthened.

Forgeries made by the same forger; the "gr" of "Sgr" is too high, the top part of the "g" is almost touching the line above it. The ornaments above both "V"s are different from the genuine stamps. I've also seen this forgery with a "BREMEN" box cancel.

Forgeries, the "S" of "Sgr" is deformed at the bottom and placed too high up. There are other differences in the design, ornaments, key, lettering etc. I've also seen this forgery cancelled with 4 parallel lines (vaguely similar to the cancels of Lubeck).

Forgery with no dot in the upper left ornament. The left hand side of the key appears to be pointed. I've also seen this forgery in a darker green shade and imperforate. These are most likely Bredemeyer forgeries.

(In this forgery, the "5" and "Sgr." are quite different)

Sperati forgeries:

Block of four uncancelled Sperati forgeries, Reproductions 'B', 'C', 'D' and 'E'.

These Sperati forgeries are very difficult to distinguish from genuine stamps. Only the left bottom stamp is quite easy to spot: there is a large blotch of green ink covering the second pearl seen from above at the right hand side and just above the third pearl from above another blotch can be seen.

Sperati forgeries; I've been told that the above stamps were made by Sperati, I have no further information. Sperati used the cancel 'BREMEN 4 7 * 6-7' among other cancels, such as 'BREMEN' in a box with several dates '18 8 * 6-7', '23 6 * 6-7', '28 10 * 5-6' '8 9 * 5-5', '22 9 * 5-6', '23 10 * 5-6', '18 3 * 5-' (partial cancel), '19 11 * 5' (partial cancel), '15 4 * 6-7', '26 5 * 6-7', '7 4 * 6-7', '4 7 * 6-7', '14 8 * 6-7', '30 4 * 7 (partial cancel) and 'FRANCO' in a straight line.

Sperati reproduction 'A' with 'BREMEN Bahnhof.' cancel in a box. Reproduction 'A' can be recognized by the small breaks in the line above the first 'E' of 'BREMEN'. The center left pearl has an additional dot in it. The cancel was also forged by Sperati.

Other forgeries:

A rather crude forgery, the key handle is different from the genuine stamps. It has a simple cross in it.

A very primitive forgery of the 5 sgr in the wrong colour, blue:

Image from a Gray catalogue Illustration from the Maury catalogueImage from a de Torres catalogue
Forgery in wrong colour blue instead of green. The design of this forgery is identical to the image given in "The illustrated catalogue of postage stamps" by J.E.Gray (1870, page 11, see second image). A similar image appears in the catalogue of Placido Ramon de Torres "Album Illustrado para Sellos de Correo" of 1879 on page 28 (information passed to me thanks to Gerhard Lang, 2016). In the Catalogue Descriptif des Timbres-Poste crees de 1840 a 1870 by Arthur Maury, a similar illlustration is given on page 21.

Another forgery in black color. This one has the "N" inverted as well.

Fournier forgeries:

The forger Francois Fournier also made forgeries of the stamps of Bremen. The following forged cancels were used by him:

Fournier's forged cancels, reduced sizes

"BREMEN 5 8 5-6" in a double circle
"ST.P.A. BREMEN 29 7" in a double circle
"BREMEN-BAHNF. 8 4 67 11-12 V" in a single circle
"BREMERHAVEN 7 ?" in a double circle
"BREMEN 20 6 * 3-4" in a rectangle
"BREMEN 20 10 * 7-6" in a rectangle

Possible Fournier forgery with "BREMEN 5 8 5-6" cancel

If anybody has pictures of these forgeries, please contact me!


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A nice website on Bremen can be found on: http://people.freenet.de/jfeldhusen/Bremenmarken.htm (in German).

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