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SWITZERLAND Fournier forgeries

Schweiz - Suisse - Svizzera - Zwitzerland

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Switzerland seems to have been one of the favourite countries of the famous stamp forger Francois Fournier. Of most of the cantonal issues he made two different kinds of forgeries: the first one around 1900 and the second, much better one, around 1905. I will here present the pages of the Fournier Album of Philatelic Forgeries:

Forged Cantonal and Swiss stamps

Fournier forgery of Winterthur

Reduced size

The above forgeries can be found in 'The Fournier Album'; a block of eight stamps with large and small '15' and 'Rp.' and 'Cts.' mixed together (see image above). Above the 'YON' the background lines are very specific for this forgery (I haven't seen this pattern on any of the genuine types). The cancel 'PD' in a circle also can be found in 'The Fournier Album'.

Pictures closely resembling the above 2 1/2 rp and 10 rp stamp can be found in 'The Fournier Album'. (There the 10 rp bears a cancel 'FRANCO', the above 10 rp stamp is uncancelled). I therefore presume they are Fournier forgeries (it could very well be based on one of the 40 types of this stamp). Note the 'KIENBERG' in a box cancel that can be found in the Fournier Album.

(The above forgeries were made by Fournier as well, the second one has the words 'FAC-SIMILÉ' printed in blue on the backside, similar to the forgeries that can be found in 'The Fournier Album of Philatelic Forgeries')

Another Fournier forgery with the words 'FAC-SIMILE' printed on the backside, the cancel is 'BERN 9 JULI 52'

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Forged Geneva stamps (all in colour green instead of black on green!) and forged Basel proofs and normal stamps (both with the dove not printed in yet).

Forged 2 r, 40 r and 1 F stamps of the 1854 issue and some 1862 issue forgeries.

Some unfinished Fournier forgeries of the Basel dove, the dove has not yet been printed and the red color is still missing. The cancel has already been applied on the pair of forgeries on the right.

Fournier forgeries of the 1 F stamp.

Forgeries of the 1867 issue; a forged Geneva envelope cut with forged 'GENEVE 12 AOUT 50 3 S' cancel, some paper with red lines 'ready to receive the Zurich forged stamp' and a decoloured cheap 10 c red used to make a forged 60 c or 1 F.

Here another envelope cut, pasted on a piece of paper, with a forged 'GENEVE 23 MAI 50 2 S' cancel placed beside the cut and a rozette cancel on it (these forged cancels are shown next).

These stamps have 'FAC-SIMILE' written at the back

This stamp has 'FAC-SIMILE' written at the back

Fournier forgery of the 50 c in blue 1882 standing Helvetia issue; I believe Fournier only used this 'forgery' to illustrate his pricelists. Nevertheless, it can be found in 'The Fournier Album of Philatelic Forgeries'.

Bisected Fournier forgery of the 15 c value 1854 sitting Helvetia issue; I believe Fournier did only use this forgery to illustrate his pricelists.

Fournier forgery of the 'Maderanerthal' 'Extra Dienst' and 'FRANCO' stamps. I believe Fournier did only use this forgery to illustrate his pricelists.

A Fournier forgery of the 'HAUSER & STIERLIN RIGI SCHEIDECK' stamp, Fournier probably did not use this image to sell forgeries, but to illustrate his pricelists. This image is taken from the 'Fournier Album of Philatelic Forgeries.

Fournier forgery of Basel on letter as found in a 'Fournier Album of Philatelic Forgeries'.

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