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UKRAINE, Russian stamps overprinted

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1918 Stamps of Russia (two headed eagle) overprinted with the arms of Ukraine (Trident), in various sizes and colours, examples:

Red overprint

For the specialist; several cities applied their own overprints, resulting in many different types. For example Kiev, Jekaterinoslaw, Kharkow, Odessa, Poltava and Winnitza all made their own overprints (even several types for some cities!).


Odessa, type II Odessa, type III
(Odessa, type I, II, III, V and VI)

(Kiev, type III)

Kharkow overprint

(Padillia, type Ia)

Padillia (or Podolie) overprint, about 50 varieties exist of this overprint

Ekaterynoslav or Yekaterinoslav, type I and II (with frame)

Winnitza overprint


Postcard of Russia with a similar overprint:

Charkov or Kharkov issue

1920 Stamps of Russia, with 'PYb' (=Rub for 'Rouble') overprint

I have seen other values with the same 'PYb' (=rouble) overprint, also in combination with a 'Ukrain trident' overprint. The overprint 'PYb' exists downwards or upwards, also double misplaced etc.

Note that Zemstvo stamps of Kharkov also exist, click here for more details.


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