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RUSSIA Overview

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Double headed eagle issues (the imperial arms of Russia), in this design and many other designs, to simplify this area, I have divided it into 1) small sizes, 2) large sizes and 3) various overprints:

Small sizes:

Large sizes:

"Eagle issue, large size example"

Eagle issues, various overprints

Ukrain overprint

Just after World War I many overprints were issued on stamps of Tsarist Russia.

Issues form 1905 to 1918, (other than eagle issues): Romanov issues etc.

Romanov issue, 7 k brown

Sowjet Union (CCCP)

"Typical example of a Sowjet Union stamp"

Russian post offices in Turkey part 1 and part 2

5 para on 1 k orange 7 k blue

Russian post offices in China

3 k red

Russia, fiscal and semi-postal stamps: examples:

semi postal stamp Issued for the Far east?

(Kuban overprint)

Some overprints on these stamps were issued for the Kuban region.

Unissued stamp of the Western Army:

(Reduced size)

A label with inscription: 'For the use of families of those called up to the war' (World War I? information obtained from Robert Scott, Greece):

Unknown Russian stamp

Northern Army, Siberia, Amur and Chita issues


Northern Army example Chita issue
(Example of Northern Army and Chita)


South Russia


(South Russia, Rostov issue, inscription 'EPMAKb')

South Russia, example
(Denikin Army stamp, South Russia, inscription 'EDNHAR POCCIR')

White Russia and Northern Army

(White Russia; inscription 'ACObHbI ATPAD)

10 k blue 15 k yellow
(Northern Army: inscription 'OKCA')

Russian post offices in Crete

Special cancellations: Number (St. Petersburg and Moscow)

(Reduced size)

Postal stationary:

10 k black


Zemstvo (local issues):

(A few examples of the many zemstvo stamps that were issued in Tsarist Russia)

Normally an inscription equivalent or similar to '3EMCKAR' can be found on these local stamps.

Other countries with cyrillic inscriptions

SERBIA: inscriptions 'CPBNJA', 'POWTA' or 'CPPCKA', examples:

MONTENEGRO: inscriptions 'UP. GOPE' or 'PPHA GOPA', examples:

BULGARIA: inscription 'bbLGAPCKA POWA' or similar, the value is in 'CTOT' or 'LEBA'


http://www.rossica.org/forum/: nice forum about classical Russian stamps.

Copyright by Evert Klaseboer

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Preview of Stamps Catalogue CD : VOLUME 2