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1921 Arms, eagle with sword and cross

  10 f lilac
  2.50 K blue
  100 K blue

1921 Man with hat

  20 f green
  10 K lilac


1921 Views of castles and towns

40 f brown 60 f black 1 K red 5 K brown 50 K lilac

  40 f brown
  50 f green
  60 f grey
  1 K red
  5 K brown
  50 K lilac


1921 Postage due stamps, inscription 'Lajtabansag PORTO'

(Reduced size)

  50 f green and black
  100 f green and black
  200 f green and black
  500 f green and black
  1000 f green and black

  '50' (red) on 200 f green and black


Stamps of Hungary, overprinted 'Nyugat- Magyarorszag Orszvo Westungarn Orgland.' and value, examples:

Copyright by Evert Klaseboer