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VICTORIA Fiscal Stamps

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1897 Various designs

Some of these stamps were occasionally used as postage stamps. Many of them were sold to stamp collectors after their usage stopped with postal cancels (cancelled to order in 1900-01). This issue is quite confusing, I'm not sure if I have catalogued it correctly.

(Reduced size)

15 sh brown

(Reduced size)

With red 'Specimen' handwritten overprint Stamp duty $25 green

  1 p green (Queen Victoria)
  6 p blue (arms)
  1 Sh blue on blue (arms)
  1 Sh blue on yellow (?)
  1 Sh 6 p red
  2 Sh blue on green
  3 Sh lilac on blue
  3 Sh olive 
  4 Sh orange 
  5 Sh violet on yellow
  5 Sh red
  6 Sh green
  10 Sh brown on red
  10 Sh green (?)
  10 Sh brown
  15 Sh brown
  25 Sh red (?)
  30 Sh grey(?)
  35 Sh violet
  45 Sh violet
  1 Pound orange on yellow
  1 Pound 5 Sh red
  1 Pound 10 Sh green
  2 Pounds blue
  5 Pounds red (Queen Victoria)
  6 pounds blue on red
  7 Pounds blue on blue
  8 Pounds red on yellow
  9 Pounds green on green
  10 Pounds lilac
  25 Pounds green
  50 Pounds lilac
  100 Pounds red
(Other values might exist)

These stamps have been reprinted, they bear the overprint 'Reprint':

(Stamp with overprint 'Reprint')

Even forgeries exist: Example, a Senf forgery, (the perforation is printed in red):

(Senf forgery)


Some stamps could be used for postage and fiscal purposes, example:

(Stamps with inscription 'STAMP DUTY' fiscally used)


1880 Queen Victoria

  1 p brown
  2 Sh 6 p brown (1885)
  2 Sh 6 p yellow (1885)


1886 Large sized stamps with Queen Victoria, inscription 'STAMP DUTY'

  5 Pounds red and blue
  6 Pounds blue and yellow 
  7 Pounds black and lilac
  8 Pounds orange and blue
  9 Pounds red and green
(More values might exist)

Remark: most of these stamps are cancelled to order when found with a postal cancel.


1904 Numeral

Many values exist, also two different sizes of these stamp.


Overprinted 'RELIEF':



1870 Various designs, examples:

  1 p green
  3 p lilac
  4 p red
  6 p blue
  1 Sh blue on blue
  2 Sh blue on green
  2 Sh 6 p orange
  4 Sh blue
  10 Sh brown on pink (3 shades)
  1 Pound lilac on yellow
  5 Pounds black and green


  '1/2d HALF' (red) on 1 p green

Reprints were made in 1891, they bear the overprint 'Reprint'. The shades of these reprints seems to be different from the originals, examples:

(Reduced size)

Forged cancels:

(Forged postal cancel on a genuine fiscal stamp of 1 Pound)



Many Beer Duty stamps were issued in the period 1880 to 1906. They are quite rare.

(Beer Duty stamp)



(Motor-Transfer on Stamp Duty, seems to be the only fiscal stamp with this overprint)


From 1927 onward, various stamp duty stamps were overprinted with 'CATTLE', examples:

(Various stamps with 'CATTLE' overprint, reduced sizes)

Copyright by Evert Klaseboer

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