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VICTORIA Other fiscal Stamps

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Victoria Fiscal stamps 'Stamp duty', click here



1870 Various designs, examples:

  1 p green
  3 p lilac
  4 p red
  6 p blue
  1 Sh blue on blue
  2 Sh blue on green
  2 Sh 6 p orange
  4 Sh blue
  5 Sh blue on yellow
  10 Sh brown on pink (3 shades)
  1 Pound lilac on yellow
  5 Pounds black and green


  '1/2d HALF' (red) on 1 p green

Reprints were made in 1891, they bear the overprint 'Reprint'. The shades of these reprints seems to be different from the originals, examples:

(Reduced size)

Besides this small red 'Reprint' overprint, I have also seen reprints with a larger red 'REPRINT' overprint.

Forged cancels:

(Forged postal cancel on a genuine fiscal stamp of 1 Pound)



Many Beer Duty stamps were issued in the period 1880 to 1906. They are quite rare.

(Beer Duty stamps)

1890 issues

1892 issue

1895 issue

1895 issue

1903 issues

1906 issue



(Motor-Transfer on Stamp Duty, seems to be the only fiscal stamp with this overprint)


From 1927 onward, various stamp duty stamps were overprinted with 'CATTLE', examples:

(Various stamps with 'CATTLE' overprint, reduced sizes)

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