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THURN AND TAXIS, Forgeries, reprints and postal stationery

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(Fournier forgeries)

The forger Fournier seems to have made forgeries of these stamps (kreuzer and silbgr), I think only black on coloured paper. In 'The Fournier Album of Philatelic Forgeries' the following numeral cancels can be found '8' (or actually more an inverted '6'?), '95', '195', '142' and '34'. The above stamps are Fournier forgeries, I don't know the distinguishing characteristics of these forgeries. If anybody has more information, please contact me!

Forged Fournier cancels taken from 'The Fournier Album of Philatelic Forgeries', reduced sizes

Forgeries of the 10 Silbgr:

(Forgeries, reduced sizes)


The left foot of the large '1' in the above forgeries has a different curl than the genuine stamps (the curl is more pronounced).

The above forgery of the 30 k has the '30' in the corners much smaller than in the genuine stamps. I have only seen this forgery with the numeral cancel '82' or '46'.

(Forged cancel)

As already said many forged cancels exist on remainders.

Postal Stationery

1861 Envelopes

Value in 'SILB.GR.'

1/2 g orange 1 g red

  1/4 s black
  1/2 s orange
  1 s red
  2 s blue
  3 s brown

Value in 'KREUZER'

3 k red 6 k blue

  1 k green
  2 k yellow
  3 k red
  6 k blue
  9 k brown

Cuts from these envelopes could be used as postage stamps.

In 1847 some local envelopes with inscription 'Frankirter Stadt-Brief' should have been issued for use in Stuttgart, Ulm, Heilbronn, Ludwigsburg and Reuttlingen. However, I have never seen them.


1910 Reprints

In 1910 reprints were ordered by the Thurn and Taxis archives, to complete the collection of their stamps. Full sheets were made from stamps that were no longer in their possesion (especially the older issues). They can be recognized by the 'ND' (=Neudruck = reprint) in fancy letters on the back of the stamps. The colours are also more vivid and the paper is different from the original stamps. Examples:

(Front and backside, reduced sizes)


1965 Reprints

I've been told that the next minisheet consisting of a 5 Sgr, 10 Sgr, 15 Kr and 30 Kr stamp was made in 1965. I have no further information. The minisheet does not contain any inscriptions.

Reduced size

Copyright by Evert Klaseboer

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Preview of Stamps Catalogue CD : VOLUME 1