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Singapore used the 'B 172' cancellation on stamps of India until the stamps of the Straits Settlements were used, examples of a 'B172' cancellation:

(Cancel "B172" on 4 a and 2 a of the 1854 issue of India)

Used in Singapore ('B172' cancel)
("B172" cancel on two 4 a stamps of the 1855 issue of India)

(Reduced size)

(A bisected stamp of India, with "B172" cancel, probably forged, reduced size)


Stamps of Straits Settlements cancelled in Singapore:


'B172' cancel 'D14 cancel' '10' on 30 c lilac (B172 cancel) Singapore cancel Singapore cancel

B172 Cancel
(Reduced sizes)

(Block of 4 4 c King Edward stamps cancelled in Singapore)

"PASIR PANJANG SINGAPORE", cancelled in 1951

"ORCHARD ROAD" (Singapore) and "NORTH CANAL ROAD" (Singapore)

Stamps cancelled in an other country: example: Stamps of Western Australia cancelled in Singapore:

Stamp of Selangor used in Singapore:

3 c lilac and red, with Singapore cancel

Stamp of Hongkong cancelled in Singapore:

4 c grey, Singapore cancel


Singapore issued its first own stamps in 1948.

1948 Inscription 'MALAYA SINGAPORE', King George VI

  1 c black
  2 c orange
  3 c green
  4 c brown
  5 c lilac
  6 c grey
  8 c red
  10 c lilac
  12 c red
  15 c blue
  20 c green and black
  20 c blue
  25 c orange and violet
  35 c lilac and red
  40 c lilac and red
  50 c blue and black
  1 $ lilac and blue
  2 $ red and green
  5 $ brown and green



The Cocos or Keeling Islands were administered under Singapore and used stamps of Singapore, example:

Stamp of Singapore, used in Cocos Islands

A postal forgery of the $2 value exists. It has no watermark, the design is quite blotchy. The first stamp appears to be the stamp illustrated in Fletcher's book.


1948 Royal Silver wedding, identical to sets issued in many other British colonies, inscription '1923-1948', image of King and Queen, inscription 'SINGAPORE'

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  10 c violet (smaller size)
  5 $ brown


1949 UPU issue (design similar to many other British colonies), inscription 'MALAYA-SINGAPORE'

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  10 c lilac
  15 c blue
  25 c orange
  50 c grey

These UPU stamps were issued in the following Malayan states (all with different country name): Johore, Kedah, Kelantan, Malacca, Negri-Sembilan, Perak, Perlis, Selangor, Singapore and Trengganu.


1953 Coronation of Queen Elizabeth, inscription 'CORONATION JUNE 1953', design identical to many other British colonies, inscription 'MALAYA SINGAPORE'

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  10 c lilac and black 


1954 Definitive set with Queen Elizabeth II, ships, aeroplane (25 c), Raffles statue (1 $), Singapore river (2 $) and arms (5 $)

1 c black, 2 c orange, 4 c brown, 5 c lilac, 6 c blue, 8 c blue, 10 c violet, 12 c red, 20 c blue, 25 c orange and violet, 30 c violet and lilac, 50 c blue and black, 1 $ blue and lilac, 2 $ green and orange, 5 $ grey, red and orange.


1959 Statue of Singapore, Queen Elizabeth in the upper right hand corner

10 c lilac and gold, 20 c blue and gold, 25 c green and gold.


The next stamps of Singapore did not bear the portrait of Queen Elizabeth II any more, since self-goverment was attained in 1959. In 1963 it joined Malaysia, to become independent in 1965.

Example of a stamp of Singapore of 1963.

Fiscal Stamps

Later issue with Queen Elizabeth; 100 $, 25 $ and 500 $ fiscal stamps; note the red seal on the stamps

Similar fiscal stamps exist with the image of King George VI.

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