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QUEENSLAND (Australia), Miscellaneous

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Registration stamp

1861 Registration stamp, as post stamp designs of 1860, but with inscription 'REGISTERED'

"Registered" yellow

  (6 p) yellow

Value of the stamps

vc = very common
c  = common
*  = not so common
** = uncommon
*** = very uncommon
R   = rare
RR  = very rare
RRR = extremely rare
(6) p****** 

Reprints exist of this stamp. Forgeries have also been recorded (sorry, no pictures available yet).

Official Stamps

Some stamps were perforated 'O.S.' to serve as official stamps from 1905 onwards. This perfin exists in two types. Examples:


2 p blue "Q L" cancel
('QL' in the center of three ellipses)

"QL" typical cancellation 1 p red
('QL' in an ellipse constisting of small lines)

More information about cancels of Queensland can be found at: http://www.boomspeed.com/stampmad/main_page.htm.

Stamps of Queensland used in New Guinea

(barred oval 'BNG' cancel of New Guinea)

Fiscal Stamps


1866 Queen Victoria

  1 p blue
  6 p lilac
  1 Sh blue
  2 Sh brown
  2 Sh 6 p orange
  5 Sh yellow
  6 Sh brown
  10 Sh green
  20 Sh red

1871 Smaller size, with white squares in the corners

  1 p lilac
  6 p lilac
  6 p brown
  1 Sh green
  2 Sh blue
  2 Sh 6 p orange
  5 Sh orange
  10 Sh brown
  20 Sh red

These stamps in the same design were occasionally used as postage stamps in 1880.

1880 Queen Victoria, small size

  1 p violet

1892 Queen Victoria facing the left, large size

2 Sh 6 p red duty stamp

  3 p lilac (2 types '3' and 'THREE')
  6 p green
  1 Sh blue 
  1 Sh brown
  2 Sh orange
  2 Sh 6 p brown
  3 Sh grey
  5 Sh red
  10 Sh brown
  1 Pound green
  5 Pounds black

1897 Queen Victoria, smaller size

(Sorry, no picture available yet, if anybody posesses a picture of this stamp, please contact me!)

  1 p lilac

1901 King Edward VII

(Reduced size)

The following values exist: 1 p violet, 2 p red, 3 p green, 6 p red, 1 Sh blue, 2 Sh yellow, 2 Sh 6 p brown, 3 Sh green, 5 Sh red, 10 Sh brown and 20 Sh green.



(reduced sizes)

I have also seen a 6 p blue in the same design, many more values exist, ranging from 3 p to 500 Pounds. Cancelled remainders exist.

Similar stamps with the image of King Edward VIII and King George V exist, example:

(Reduced size)



Stamps similar to the 'Stamp Duty' issue with King Edward VII, but the inscription changed to 'ADHESIVE' DUTY', example:

('ADHESIVE', reduced size)

The following values exist in this design: 1 p lilac, 2 p red, 3 p green, 4 grey, 6 p red, 8 p lilac, 1 Sh blue, 2 Sh yellow, 2 Sh 6 p brown, 3 Sh green, 3 Sh blue, 5 Sh red, 10 Sh brown, 20 Sh green and 5 Pounds lilac.



(Beer duty stamp of 1885, portrait of Queen Victoria in the center)

(Crown in the center, I have also seen the value 6 Sh 6 p lilac)


A 'Producers Association' fiscal stamp of 1924:

(Reduced size)

More information concerning these stamps can be found in 'British Commonwealth Revenues' by J.Barefoot.

Click here for Railway stamps of Queensland

Parcel Stamps

City & Suburban Parcel Delivery Bryce (Queensland)

(Issued 1910, 9 p green)

Besides the 9 p green, I have also seen the following values in the same design: 6 p blue and 1 Sh yellow (all cancelled with blue pen strikes).

Copyright by Evert Klaseboer

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Preview of Stamps Catalogue CD : VOLUME 1