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OLDENBURG Forgeries of the second 1861 issue

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For forgeries of the first 1861 issue, click here

Forgeries of the 1861 arms issue (shield on coloured background and different frame):

The 1/4 g is cheaper in unused condition (worth about ten times less unused); therefore many forged cancels exist!

(Modern?) Forgeries, examples:

In the above forgeries, the inscription "OLDENBURG" is much bigger than in the genuine stamps. The forger even made bogus values of 1/2 gr black. This forgery type is rather common. Note the strange "OEDENBURG" cancel and the Russian cancel.

The above forgeries with a bogus cancel "* 61.23.3 FEB *" and "* 61.12.3.FEB *".

There is a dot above the "N" of "OLDENBURG" (Left image obtained from Bill Claghorn's forgery site)

The above forgery has the "H" of "Halber" almost straight, while it is slanting to the right in the genuine stamp. The letters of the inscriptions seem to be larger.

A bogus value of 1/3 g green with cancel "OLDENBURG IM GROSSHERZOGTUM". Most likely made by the same forger who made the above 1/2 g forgeries.

(Forgery of the 1/4 g and bogus 1/3 g green value, probably from the same forger)

Other forgeries:

A forgery with what appears to be a "K.K. ZEITUNGS" cancel, which appears on forgeries of many other countries.

Forgery of the 1/4 g value with "1/4" too large. Also the words "Ein" and "Viertel" are too close to each other.

Another primitive forgery of the 1/4 g value.

Forgery of the 1/4 g value.

Other dubious stamps; probably forgeries.

Peter Winter forgeries:

Image obtained from Bill Claghorn's forgery site
(Peter Winter forgeries)

Winter forgery of the 1/4 g on piece with blue cancel "OLDENBURG 6 2 8-1 N"

1/4 g Peter Winter forgeries with blue cancel "OLDENBURG 17 2 3 8 N" in a double circle

Peter Winter forgeries pasted on pieces of paper with "ZETEL 11 12" cancel (and wrong color!).

With circular "OLDENBURG 3/4 1-4 N"

Peter Winter made forgeries of both values. My 1/4 g forgery has the cancel "OLDENBURG 17 2 3 8 N" in a double circle (in blue, see image above). My 1/2 g forgery has the cancel "ZETEL 11 12" in a rectangle. I've also seen a block of four 1/4 g Winter forgeries (in the colour of the 1/2 g?) with blue cancels "EDEWECHT 4/12".

Sperati forgeries:

Sperati made two forgeries of the 1/2 gr value; 'Reproduction A' and 'Reproduction B'.

Reproduction 'A'
Sperati forgeries, Reproduction A: damaged bottom part of "B" of "OLDENBURG". Sperati used "BREMEN 9*5 6" in a box cancels and various other cancels of Oldenburg, such as "VAREL 12/6", "OLDENBURG 21 8 8-1V", "OLDENBURG 27 8 1-4N", "OLDENBURG 26 7 8-1 N" as shown above.

Sperati made two forgeries; 'Reproduction A' and 'Reproduction B'. In the above forgeries, there is a brown dot in the white line below the 'sc' of 'Groschen'.

Sperati forgery of the 1/2 g stamp: 'Reproduction B': this forgery has a blotch of ink just below the bottom left part of the "E" of "OLDENBURG". It has a forged "PEPPENS 30/6" cancel.

Sperati also made two forgeries of the 1/4 g value: Reproduction A and Reproduction B:

Sperati forgery 'Reproduction A' of the 1/4 g stamp. It has some breaks in the upper left frameline and also a break in the upper frameline above the "G" of "OLDENBURG".


Forged cancels as used by Sperati.

Copyright by Evert Klaseboer