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OLDENBURG Forgeries of the 1859 issue

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Forgeries of the 1859 Arms, black on coloured paper issue

Spiro forgeries:

Spiro forgery, image obtained from Bill Claghorn's forgery site

The above Spiro forgery is described in 'The Spud Papers'. The point of the shield is too close to the bottom of the oval, the lion is badly shaped. The lettering is different, for example the word "OLDENBURG" is too large. Spiro forgeries exist for all values.

Other forgeries exist, example:

(No pearls at bottom of stamp and inscriptions different)

Another forgery of the 1/3 g value without any pearls at the bottom.

Image obtained from Bill Claghorn's forgery site

In the above forgery (the fourth forgery of the 2 g black on red of Album Weeds), there are eight large pearls at the bottom of the stamp. I obtained the left image from http://www.geocities.com/claghorn1p/Oldenburg/ (Bill Claghorn's forgery site). The "2"s are too large.

(Forgeries with 10 large pearls at the bottom)

(Another forgery with 7 large pearls at the bottom, reduced size)

Other forgery of the 3 g value

Forgery of the 1/3 g, with a very blurily printed version of the same forgery?

Forgery of the 3 g value. I've only seen it with a "FRANCO" cancel.

Forgery of the 1/3 g value with "1/3" too large

Two rather blur forgeries, made by the same forger?

forgery of the 2 g value

Forgery of the 3 g value. Note that the scroll at the bottom of the stamp is totally different from a genuine stamp.

Another primitive forgery.

Forgery of the 2 g value, the crown is too narrow, the cross on the crown touches the ellipse above it and the "O" of "OLDENBURG" is very narrow.

Primitive forgery of the 2 g value, the lion resembles more a dog.

Other forgeries made by Peter Winter:

Image obtained from Bill Claghorn's forgery site Image obtained from Bill Claghorn's forgery site
(Peter Winter forgeries)

Winter forgeries on pieces of letter with forged cancels

Two 2 g black on lilac Winter forgeries with cancel 'JEVER 21-9 * 11-12' in a rectangle

Peter Winter made forgeries of the 1 g black on blue, 2 g black on lilac, 3 g black on green stamp and a 3 g black on yellow stamp (proof?). They (always?) bear the inscription 'replik' on the backside. The above forgeries are such forgeries. He also produced strips and blocks of these forgeries. These stamps don't look very 'old' since they were made in the 1980's. My 3 g black on yellow has the cancel "OBENKIRCHEN 20/1" in a rectangle (in blue). My 2 g black on lilac has the cancel "JEVER 21-9 * 11-12" in a rectangle and my 1 g black on blue has a two ring cancel with "OLDENBURG 5 1 8-V".

Forged 1/3 g stamp on forged envelope with forged cancel 'OLDENBURG 16/3' in blue

Zoom-in on the stamp of the above envelope, made by Peter Winter

I have seen the same forged envelope with the same forged 1/3 g stamp, but with a blue circular cancel "EMDEN 24 7".

Two Winter forgeries with forged blue cancel 'ELSFLETH 16/6' in a rectangle

The cancel "ZETEL 11 12" was also used by Peter Winter

A pair of 3 g Winter forgeries with "OLDENBURG 3 / 4 1-4 N" cancel.

Fournier forgeries:

'VAREL 16/6' cancel 'OLDENBURG 16 10 1-2N' cancel
(Images obtained thanks to Bill Claghorn's forgery site http://www.geocities.com/claghorn1p/Oldenburg/Oldn07.htm )

Forgery as it can be found in a Fournier Album.

Distinguishing characteristics of these forgeries:

For the 2 g:
1) Paper is very bright.
2) The "U" of "OLDENBURG" is badly done
3) The tail of the "R" of "OLDENBURG" does not curl up.
4) The crown is poorly detailed
6) The lion's head (bottom of shield) is badly done.

For the 3 g:
Note the poor shape of the left '3'

A further means to distinguish Fournier forgeries are the cancels: the only cancels I have seen on these forgeries are (I don't think the dates could be changed):
"OLDENBURG 16 10 1-2 N" in a double circle;
"VAREL 16/6" in a rectangle;
"ABBEHAUSEN 11/VI" in a rectangle and
"RASTEDE 18/11" in a rectangle.

The Fournier cancels as shown in the 'Fournier Album of Philatelic Forgeries'.

The next forgeries are made by the stamp forger Sperati:

Sperati forgeries of the 2 g stamp; the "U" of "OLDENBURG" has a white dot halfway up the left leg, there is a white spot in the outer frameline above the "L" of "OLDENBURG" and the left upper corner is open.

Distinguishing charateristic of the Sperati 2 g forgery: white dot in the "U" of "OLDENBURG".

Sperati 'proof'.

1/3 g Sperati forgery, 'Reproduction A'. It has a thin line connecting the upper right corner to the inner design. Sperati applied forged cancels "NEUENBURG 6/2", "NEUENBURG 15/12" and "ELSFLETH 8/12" to these forgeries. A picture of these cancels can be found here.

Sperati Reproduction 'B' of the 1/3 g value, note the blue cancels "ELSFLETH 18/12", "JEVER 14 11 11-12" and "OLDENBURG 13/3". A picture of these cancels can be found here. There is a large black dot to the left of the "B" of "OLDENBURG" in Reproduction 'B'. I've also seen this forgery with the forged cancel "VAREL 24/3" in a rectangle.

Sperati forgery of the 3 g value with "ELSFLETH 11/2" blue cancel in a box; a picture of this cancel can be found here

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