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OBOCK 1892 Issue, forgeries

(French Colony in Africa)

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Genuine stamps:

Type I overprint

Image obtained from a Cherrystone auction
Type II overprint



Forgeries exist, examples of Fournier forgeries:

For more information on these forgeries click here or http://members.tripod.com/claghorn1p/Obock/Obock08.htm.

The second stamp bears the cancel "OBOCK 26 SEPT 92 COLONIE-FRANCse", the first one probably "OBOCK 27 MARS 92 COLONIE FRANCse" as they can be found in the Fournier Album of Philatelic forgeries. It should be noted that in most cases the cancels are not completely visible in Fourniers forgeries. The perforation is in most cases a giveaway (the corner perforation should not be irregular as in Fourniers products). In these Fournier forgeries of the straight overprint, the "K" has a too short upper right part.

Sheet with forged Fournier cancels, including two Obock cancels.

Could this be a genuine "OBOCK 27 MARS 92 COLONIE FRANCse" cancel? This cancel is clearly different from the Fournier cancel ("R" of "MARS" broader, "27" under "OC" instead of under "O", etc). The basic stamps also looks genuine to me.

Fournier also forged the curved overprint:

Fournier forgery
First image obtained from Bill Claghorn's forgery site: http://members.tripod.com/claghorn1p/Obock/index.htm Note the Fournier cancels "OBOCK 26 SEPT 92 COLONIE-FRANCse" and "OBOCK 27 MARS 92 COLONIE FRANCse".

Page with forged Fournier overprints, on the top right the forged Obock overprints. Image obtained from http://asppi.org/faux.php?affichage=fournier_fr

(Forgery, reduced size)

Forgery with the word "OBOCK" too short and the letters with serifs.

Forgery of the 30 on 10 c black stamp

Forged overprint (too short) on a genuine 1 F stamp used in "SAINT-PIERRE"? in 1888.

Very primitive forgery, with "OBOCK" written in with a pen? The stamp was used in Tonkin before.

Forgery of the 75 c stamp, apparently a genuine basic stamp, with "OBOCK" applied, but too small, then erased again and a larger "OBOCK" was applied.

Other "Handmade"? forged overprints.

Very dubious looking overprint.

Forged overprints on genuine stamps.

Forged overprints on a genuine stamp, the "5F" is too large

Forged overprints on genuine stamps, first "O" of "OBOCK" slanting backwards, "5F" too small.

A forged "OBOCK" overprint on a stamp already used in "REUNION ENTRE-DEUX".

A very dubious "OBOCK" overprint, especially since attempts have been made to erase the previous cancel?

The French stamp forger Georges Carion is known to have made forgeries of Obock stamps.


Obock 1893 onwards and miscellaneous

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