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1851 Queen Victoria, laureated

With Holcombe certificate With BPA certificate Genuine Genuine, with a Rendon certificate Genuine 6 p brown, forgery? Reproduced with permission from: http://www.sandafayre.com Image obtained with permission from http://www.sandafayre.com

  1 p red
  2 p blue (2 types)
  3 p green
  6 p brown
  8 p yellow

For the specialist, there are many different types of these stamps. The values 1 p, 2 p and 3 p also exist with watermark ('1' for the 1 p, '2' for the 2 p and '3' for the 3 p):

1 p with watermark "1"

Genuine Image obtained from http://www.sandafayre.com
(Two types of the 2 p, crosses or stars in the corners)

Value of the stamps

vc = very common
c  = common
*  = not so common
** = uncommon
*** = very uncommon
R   = rare
RR  = very rare
RRR = extremely rare
Value Unused Used Remarks
No watermark
1 p RRR RR  
2 p RRR R Crosses in four corners
2 p RRR RR Stars in four corners
3 p RRR RRR  
6 p RRR RRR  
8 p RRR RRR  
With watermark 'number'
1 p RRR RR  
2 p RRR R  
3 p RRR RR With wrong watermark '2' instead of '3': RRR


(a Barred Numeral '87' cancel used in Queensland in the Moreton Bay district)


Sheet with reprints. Note the horizontal lines between the stamps.

Reprint sheet of the 6 p

The 2 p, 6 p and 8 p were unofficially reprinted in 1885 with stolen plates (so-called 'Van Dyck' or 'Van Dyke' reprints) made by Alfred Van Dyke (not sure if his name is spelled correctly) on unwatermarked paper. Other sources say the plates were found on a scrapyard and later clandestinely used.

Van Dyck reprint of the 8 p stamp in blue! One stamp in each sheet did not have any leaves to the right of 'SOUTH' (third row, first stamp in the sheet). Note that there are no lines between the stamps as in the previous reprint.

Van Dyke reprints of the 8 p stamps.

This stamp could also be such a reprint:

Is this an official reprint?:


I'm not 100 % sure that all the stamps shown above are genuine! Jeffreys and Panelli are known to have made forgeries of these stamps. The forger Jonoski Takuma made a forgery of the 3 p with '2' Error of watermark (see 'Philatelic Forgers, their lives and works' by Varro E. Tyler for more information).

Examples of forgeries:


(Forgery in the wrong colour 8 p blue!)

(Probably Jeffreys forgeries, the pair shows clear '1' watermark on the back)

Jeffreys forgery

Jeffreys 'proof'?

I've been told that the next stamps are also forgeries, I have no further information:

The following forgeries of the 1 p have a white line all the way above the word 'POSTAGE'. The genuine stamps don't have a line that goes all the way through. The 2 p below seems to have been made by the same forger, a genuine 2 p also should have some wavy lines at the inner side of the words 'NEW' and 'WALES'. I've seen the 1 p and 2 p with the 'NSW' in ellipses cancel as well. Also note the very strange white shape of the hair at the backside of the head of the Queen in the shape of a '3' (these are possibly the forgeries mentioned in Album Weeds):

I've seen this forgery type with a "CORR.." ("CORREOS"?) cancel. Note that the 3 p does not have any color next to the words "THREE PENCE".

Other forgery:

(I"ve been told that this forgery even has a watermark, made by Panelli or Oneglia?)

Image obtained from Anthony Peers
Forgeries of the 1 p stamp on thin and thick paper. They resemble the above 3 p forgery. Made by Panelli or Oneglia? A similar forgery (same facial expression) of the 2 p value can be found in Philatelic Forgers, Their Lives and Works by V.E.Tyler in which it is attributed to Angelo Panelli. The ornaments at both sides of "SOUTH" are not correct.

Indigo forgery with "Falsch! Faux" written at the back probably from the same source.

Other forgeries of which I don't know the distinguishing characteristics:

Possibly all these forgeries were made by the same forger

Forgery with '46' (reversed image) cancel

Two forgeries, possibly made by the same forger. The first one with '92' cancel and the second one with '98' cancel.


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