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GERMANY Miscellaneous

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Obligatory tax stamp

'Notopfer Steurmarke Berlin', Obligatory tax stamp to help Berlin just after World War II.

Soldier stamp

Other type
Inscription 'Soldaten-Brief Eigene Angelegenheit des Empfangers' (1889?)

Fiscal stamps


Bill of exchange 'Wechsel Stempel':

1871 Inscription 'Deutscher Wechsel Stempel', value in 'GROSCHEN'

The following values were issued (stamps blue, value in grey): 1 g, 1 1/2 g, 3 g, 4 1/2 g, 6 g, 7 1/2 g, 9 g, 12 g, 15 g, 22 1/2 g, 30 g, 45 g, 60 g, 90 g, 150 g and 300 g.

Similar stamps, but with inscription 'NORDDEUTSCHER WECHSEL STEMPEL' were issued for the North German Federation. The 1 1/2 g and 3 g seem to exist with erroneous inscription 'NORDDEUTSCHER'.

1875 Inscription 'Deutscher Wechsel Stempel', value in 'MARK'

Deutscher Wechsel Stempel

The following values exist: 0.10 M, 0.15 M, 0.30 M, 0.45 M, 0.60 M, 0.75 M, 0.90 M, 1.20 M, 1.50 M, 2.25 M, 3 M, 4.50 M, 6 M, 9 M, 15 M and 30 M. They have all the colour lilac with the value in black.

(1887 issue)

I have also seen a value M0,10 and M1,00 in the colour green (text black) issued in 1887, they have 'den...... 18...' at the bottom. I have seen a similar stamp in violet (text black) issued in 1881 (M0,50) with the same text at the bottom. In 1900 the '18' was removed from the bottom, I have seen M0,10, M0,20 (both in green) and M1,00 and M1,50 (both in blue), M10,00, M15,00 (picture above), M18,00, M20,00, M25,00, M30,00 and M50,00 (all in red with green underprint).


Bill of loading: 'Frachtstempel'

75 p green "Frachtstempel"

I have seen in the above design (woman facing the left, issued in 1906): 5 p brown, 5 p blue, 10 p red, 15 p grey, 20 p blue, 25 p orange, 30 p brown, 40 p violet, 50 p lilac and 75 p green.

"Fracht stempel"

The higher values of this series have a woman facing the left: I have seen 2 M blue and grey, 3 M brown and grey and 4 M blue and grey.

STATISTISCHE GEBÜHR, 'Deutsches Zollgebiet' or 'Deutsches Reich':

(Statistische Gebuhr)

Stamps in the above design were first issued in 1880 in the values 5 p blue, 10 p blue, 20 p blue, 50 p blue, 1 M red, 2 M red, 4 M red, 5 M red and 10 M red. Later more values were issued.

Income tax: 'Einkommensteuer'

Various designs were issued in 1922; I have seen 5 M green (design resembling the 20 M), 10 M (in design of 20 M), 50 M (eagle design), 500 M brown and blue, 1000 M black and lilac, 3000 M brown, 5000 M orange and blue (value in diamond), 50000 M brown and 5000000 (both with value in ellipse large stamps).

Some fiscal stamps of Saxony with inscription 'STEMPELMARKE' (no country name indicated), that could easily be mistaken for fiscal stamps of the German Empire, click here for more fiscal stamps of Saxony in the same designs:


Local fiscal stamps for the city of Reutlingen (Wurttemberg)

Some local fiscal stamps of the city of Reutlingen (Waaggebuhr):

The octogonal design (as the 30 p above) was issued in 1875, the following values exist: 1 p black, 3 p violet, 6 p yellow, 12 p red, 30 p green and 60 p blue. In the square design (as the 50 p) exist: 1 p, 2 p, 3 p, 4 p, 5 p, 6 p, 7 p, 8 p, 9 p (all in black), 10 p brown, 20 p red, 30 p green, 40 p yellow, 50 p red, 60 p blue, 70 p green, 80 p orange, 90 p violet and 1 m black.

Fiscal stamps for Duisburg

Inscription 'Stadt Duisburg':

Stamps in this design were first issued in 1907 (25 p green and black and 50 p red and black).

Railway stamps

Example: Alsener Kreisbahnen Express:

Many more railway stamps exist in Germany. For more examples, click here.

Lost territories labels

Labels with picture of the lost territory, such as Danzig, Schleswig or Elsass, in black, center of the stamp in colour:

(reduced sizes)

Besides the above labels, I have seen: 'Oberschlesien', 'Posen' and 'Eupen-Malmedy'.

(Lost colonies, 'Deutsch-Neu-Guinea, Deutsch-Ostafrika, etc, reduced sizes)

After the first world war, labels were issued to commemorate the lost territories and colonies.

Military stamps of World War II




These stamps were issued on isolated island (Insel in German) during world war II.

Telegraph stamps:


Telegraph stamps:

1/2 g blue and black 25 p blue and black 1 M blue and red

The following values exist: value in 'groschen' (1873): 1/2, 1 1/4, 2 1/2, 4, 5, 8, 10 and 30 g (all stamps in blue, values in black). Value in 'Pfennige' (1875): 3, 5, 10, 25, 40 ,50 and 80 p (stamps in blue, value in black). Value in 'Mark': 1 M, 2 M and 3 M (stamps in blue, values in red).


Similar stamps exist for the North German Confederation: inscription 'NORDDEUTSCHE BUNDES TELEGRAPHIE'.

Telegraph label:

(Reduced sizes, note that 'Kaiserl' is removed from the first stamp)

1944 War propaganda issue, stamp issued by Great Britain, resembling a german stamp of 1943:

Inscription 'Gehangt am 8. Aug. 1944' (hanged at the 8th of August 1944).

(Another war propaganda forgery with the image of Himmler)


Many seals were issued in Germany. Some typical examples:


I've often seen the next label with inscription 'SPENDE FUR DEN OSTMARKENSCHATZ':

Seemail label

Inscription 'VLISSINGER POST ROUTE KONTINENT ENGLAND' from Vlissingen (the Netherlands) to Great Britain, sailor with map.

Copyright by Evert Klaseboer

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