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GERMANY Miscellaneous

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Express Stamps

1939 Inscription "ZEITUNGS MARKE Deutsches Reich", courier with newspaper on top of globe

  5 p green
  10 p brown

Railway stamps

Example: Alsener Kreisbahnen Express:

Many more railway stamps exist in Germany. For more examples, click here.

Lost territories labels

Labels with picture of the lost territory, such as Danzig, Schleswig or Elsass, in black, center of the stamp in colour:

(reduced sizes)

Besides the above labels, I have seen: 'Oberschlesien', 'Posen' and 'Eupen-Malmedy'.

(Lost colonies, 'Deutsch-Neu-Guinea, Deutsch-Ostafrika, etc, reduced sizes)

After the first world war, labels were issued to commemorate the lost territories and colonies.

Telegraph stamps:

Telegraph stamps:

1/2 g blue and black

The following values exist: 
Value in 'groschen' (1873)
  1/2 g blue
  1 1/4 g blue 
  2 1/2 g blue
  4 g blue
  5 g blue
  8 g blue
  10 g blue
  30 g blue 
(all stamps in blue, values in black)

Value in 'Pfennige' (1875)
  3 p blue
  5 p blue
  10 p blue
  25 p blue
  40 p blue
  50 p blue
  80 p blue
(stamps in blue, value in black)

Value in 'Mark'
  1 M blue
  2 M blue
  3 M blue
(stamps in blue, values in red)

In Le Postillon Revue Philatelique of March 1920 on page 507, a partial forgery is described of the rare 3 p blue stamp. It was made by chemically removing the red parts of a 1 M blue stamp and then reprinting "3 PFENNIGE" on it.

Similar stamps exist for the North German Confederation: inscription "NORDDEUTSCHE BUNDES TELEGRAPHIE".

Telegraph label:

(Reduced sizes, note that 'Kaiserl' is removed from the first stamp)

1944 War propaganda issue, stamp issued by Great Britain, resembling a german stamp of 1943:

Inscription 'Gehangt am 8. Aug. 1944' (hanged at the 8th of August 1944).

(Another war propaganda forgery with the image of Himmler)


Many seals were issued in Germany. Some typical examples:


I've often seen the next label with inscription "SPENDE FUR DEN OSTMARKENSCHATZ":

Seemail label

Inscription "VLISSINGER POST ROUTE KONTINENT ENGLAND" from Vlissingen (the Netherlands) to Great Britain, sailor with map.

Red Cross Label

1914 Red cross label, inscription "KREUZ 1 PFENNIG SAMMLUNG 1914 Unverfauflich", 1 p red and black:

(Reduced size)

I have seen other values: 1) the same as shown here but with the '1' removed from the corners and overprinted with a large '2', 2) a 5 p in a different design (red and black), 3) a 10 p in again a different design (red and black); they all have the inscription 'KREUZ SAMMLUNG 1914'.

(Here a 10 p on a letter to the 'International comittee of the red cross; agency of prisoners of war' in Geneva with cancel 'DILLENBURG 7 3 15' applied next to the label)

Submarine stamps (Unterseebootmarken)

1916 Lighthouse, large sized stamps, perforated

With inscription 'Wertbrief Beforderung Deutschland - Amerika'
  5 M green
  10 M red
  15 M grey
  20 M blue
  25 M brown
  50 M lilac

Without inscription 'Wertbrief Beforderung Deutschland - Amerika'
  5 M green
  10 M red
  15 M grey
  20 M blue
  25 M brown
  50 M lilac
  75 M black on silver
  100 M violet on gold

Imperforate forgery of such a stamp, with the inscription 'FAUX' in the right bottom corner

Reduced size

A modern 'reprint' of the 50 M red (perforated) on a minisheet was made in 1976 for the NAPOSTA exhibition, the minisheet has the inscription 'Wertbrief-Beforderung Deutschland - Amerka 1916 NORDPOSTA 1976 Die USA zu Gast in Hamburg' in green.

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