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GERMANY 1875-1888

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Germany 1870-1874 issues

1875 Number and eagle, inscription "DEUTSCHE REICHS POST"

Number, inscription in 'pfennige' (with final e), issued 1 January 1875

3 Pfennige green 5 Pfennige lilac

  3 p green
  5 p lilac

Number, inscription in 'pfennig' (1880)

3 pfennig green 5 Pfennig lilac

  3 p green
  5 p lilac

Eagle, inscription in 'pfennige' (with final e), issued 1 January 1875

10 pfennigE red 20 pfennigE blue 25 pfennige brown

  10 p red
  20 p blue
  25 p brown
  50 p grey (also greenish grey)

Eagle, inscription in 'pfennig' (1880)

10 pfennig red 25 p brown 50 pfennig grey

  10 p red
  20 p blue
  25 p brown
  50 p grey

These stamps have perforation 13 1/2 x 14 1/2.

Value of the stamps

vc = very common
c  = common
*  = not so common
** = uncommon
*** = very uncommon
R   = rare
RR  = very rare
RRR = extremely rare
Value Unused Used Remarks
3 p *** * with 'e'
3 p * c without 'e'
5 p *** c with 'e'
5 p * c without 'e'
10 p *** c with 'e'
10 p ** vc without 'e', issued March 1880
20 p RR c with 'e'
20 p ** vc without 'e'
25 p RR * with 'e'
25 p ** c without 'e'
50 p RR * with 'e'
50 p ** c without 'e'

Postal forgeries

Strassburg forgery (Straßburger Fälschung):

Some very rare postal forgeries were made of the 10 p in 1885 in Strassburg, the so-called 'Straßburger Fälschung'. A picture of a block of 12 of these forgeries can be found at: http://www.museumsstiftung.de. If anybody posesses a better picture, please contact me!

Barmer forgery (Barmer Fälschung)

Barmer forgery 50 pfennig grey
Barmer forgeries together with a genuine stamp (most right image); image of uncancelled forgery obtained from http://www.museumsstiftung.de. The left stamps have a 'Langerfeld' cancel. The ornaments at the sides are slightly different.

Towards the end of 1882 a lithographer in Barmen, Mr. Friedrich Wilhelm Riechers forged the 50 p value. 300000 stamps were printed in rows of at most 10 stamps and 140000 stamps were used according to http://www.museumsstiftung.de. This forgery is very deceptive.


Surcharged stamps ('PARA' or 'PIASTER') were used in Turkey, for more information click here:

'Imperforated stamps' are cuts from envelopes, examples:


5 Pfennig lilac 5 Pfennige lilac

(Tube mail 'Rohrpost': 30 p blue, issued in 1876)

A 25 p brown tube mail postcard, note the different '5' in '25' as compared to the postage stamps

Cancels, examples:

(Proof, 50 p green, 'REICHSPOST' at both sides)


Germany 1889-1899 issues


Die Postfälschungen des Dt. Kaiserreiches, Jäschke-Lantelme, (postal forgeries of the German empire, in German), 120 pages

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