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FRANCE Railway Parcel Stamps

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1892 Inscription "COLIS POSTAL"

In 1892 labels with the inscription 'COLIS POSTAUX' were issued, 3 types exist: "APPORT A LA GARE" (25 c brown on yellow), "VALEUR DECLAREE" (10 c red, exists imperforate) and "LIVRAISON PAR EXPRES" (25 c green):

Similar stamps were issued for Algeria.

1901 Train, inscription "RESEAU D'ETAT"

(Reseau d'etat, train)

Non issued railway parcel post stamps (1901), inscription ' Reseau d'etat', the following values exist: 5 c grey, 10 c green, 20 c red, 50 c blue, 1 F violet and 2 F brown.

Other examples:

(Colis Postal Majoration)

The above stamp was issued in 1918 and exists in the values: 5 c black, 15 c lilac, 35 c red, 50 c violet and 1 F yellow. I have also seen the values 20 c lilac and 2 F blue (non-issued?). Some overprints were made in 1926, "0F.20" on 2 F red, "0F.30" on 2 F yellow, "0F.40" on 3 F grey, "0F.45" on 3 F orange, "0.F95" on 1 F yellow, "1F.35" on 3 F violet, "1F.45" (red) on 5 c black, "1F.75" on 2 F blue, "1F.85" on 10 c orange, "1F.95" on 15 c brown, "2F.35" on 25 c green, "2F.90" on 35 c red, "3F.30" (red) on 50 c violet:

Similar stamps were issued for Algeria.


1926 issue, examples:

(Reduced size)

("B" and "C" overprint)

'A' overprint
'D' overprint
"A" and "D" overprint, reduced sizes

For more info see: https://www.timbres-de-france.com/collection/Colis/colis-2.php

Similar stamps were issued for Algeria


Inscription 'SOCIETE NATIONALE DES CHEMINS DE FER FRANCAIS', with image of an approaching train:

The above stamps with an approaching train are not very rare. I've seen the following values: 1 F black, 2 F lilac, 3 F grey, 4 F black (all smaller design), 5 F blue, 6 F red, 7 F violet, 8 F olive, 9 F blue, 10 F red, 10 F grey, 20 F green, 20 F violet, 30 F lilac, 30 F grey, 40 F olive, 50 F orange, 60 F red, 70 F violet, 80 F green, 90 F blue, 100 F black, 100 F yellow, 100 F red,, 200 F green (two shades), 500 F orange and 1000 F orange.


Other design with modern electric train, inscription 'SOCIETE NATIONALE DES CHEMINS DE FER FRANCAIS':

In the above design I have seen the values: 0.05 F orange, 0.10 F red, 0.20 F red, 0.30 F red, 0.40 F red, 0.50 F red, 0.60 F red, 0.70 F red, 0.80 F red, 0.90 F red, 1.00 F blue, 2.00 F blue, 3.00 F blue, 4.00 F blue, 5.00 F blue, 10.00 F orange and 20.00 F green.

Another design (train on a bridge):

(SNCF Colis Postal Remboursement)

1941 onwards: Railway stamps, overprinted "C.N.S. Cheminots", here surcharged:

I've seen the following values with this 'C.N.S. Cheminots' overprint:
On large steam engine: +3 F (blue) on 2.70 F brown (see image above), +3 F (blue) on 3.90 F blue, +3 F (green) on 4.20 F green.
On small steam engine: +3 F (brown) on 1 F brown, +3 F (green) on 5 F red-brown (see image above).
On large electric train: +3 F (blue) on 3.50 F blue
On viaduc de Garabit: +3 F (blue) on 2.50 F blue, +3 F (green) on 7.50 F green (see image above).
On viaduc de Fontpedrouse: +3 F (red) on 1 F violet (see image above).

Also these stamps exist with no value, with value, with an "F" instead of a value, surcharged or with a "G" instead of a value.

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