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FRANCE Airmail

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Air mail

1930 Aeroplane over Marseilles

  1.50 F red
  1.50 F blue


Aeroplane over Paris
Airmail stamp of 1936.

A dealer label very similar to the above stamp exists with inscription "EDOUARD BERCK" instead of "POSTE AERIENNE". Also, it has the address "6 Place de la Madeleine" instead of "50 FRANCS".

Air mail labels:

Airmail label, 'GUYNEMER CORRESPONDANCE PAR AVION', image obtained thanks to: Christophe Veysseyre

Nante Aviation Aout 1910
(Nantes Aviation Aout 1910; I've been told that this is world's first label to depict an aeroplane)

Rare airmail stamps (1928)

"10 Fr." on 90 c red "10 Fr." on 1.50 F blue

Forgeries of these rare surcharges are abundant.


War issues (1945), US Airmail stamps, overprinted 'RF'

Us airmail stamps with overprint 'RF' in different shapes were used in 1944 and 1945 by French naval personnel posted at naval bases. For more info, click on France Airmail stamps. Examples:

Casablanca issue (two different types)

Algiers issue, two different types

Marseilles issue

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