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BRITISH EAST AFRICA, 1890-1895, Forgeries

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1890 Inscription "IMPERIAL BRITISH EAST AFRICA COMPANY", genuine stamps:

Not 100 % sure if this one is genuine.....



Fournier forgeries:

4 R blue, forgery!
(Fournier forgeries?)

Page taken from a Fournier Album of Philatelic Forgeries.

Fournier made forgeries of the 2, 4 and 5 R stamps. He offers them for 2 Swiss Francs in his 1914 pricelist as first choice forgeries. The above stamps are forgeries, I presume they are Founier forgeries. If I'm well informed, the forgeries can be recognized by the shading in the scroll above the word 'LIGHT', in the genuine stamps there are seven shading lines, in the forgeries only five. Also, there are 5 lines at the scrolls at either side of the word 'AND', while there should be 7 lines. Also, the impression is much blurrer than the genuine stamps.

Left: Genuine stamp with 7 shadelines in the left scroll. Right: forged stamps with only 5 lines. Also note the shape of the curl.

This Fournier forgery has a 'FAUX' overprint, it is taken from a Fournier Album of Philatelic Forgeries

In the Fournier Album of Philatelic Forgeries a forged cancel "BRITISH CENTRAL AFRICA WES....IRE" (!) can be found on one of these forgeries:

Forged British Central Africa cancel apparently used on British East Africa forgeries by Fournier

Other forged Fournier cancels "ITAJARY 23 ABP 189. (S.CATHA)" and "MOMBAZE 31 MY 97 PM UGANDA" (reduced sizes)

A forgery with the "MOMBAZE 31 MY 97 PM UGANDA" cancel.


Faux de Genes (Genoa forgeries)

The Serrane guide mentions another 'Faux de Genes' of the rupee values.

This forgery has the "G" of "LIGHT" very low, the shading behind this word almost touches the "T". The shading in front of "LIBERTY" also touches the "L" almost. The right leg of the "N" of "COMPANY" is rather thin. The "BRITISH EAST AFRICA" overprint looks to neat when compared to a genuine stamp.

(Forged 8 a grey stamps, the "8" is placed too far to the right)

Forgeries, probably from the same forger, note that the second leg of "N" of "COMPANY" is very thin. I've also seen the values 1/2 a and 4 1/2 a of this particular forgery type: http://stampforgeries.com/forged-stamps-of-british-east-africa/ It is either cancelled with a pattern of bars with a "1" or a "G" in the center or with a "MOMBASA OC 11 95" cancel. The pearls on the crown are barely visible. These might also be 'Faux de Genes'.


Sperati forgeries

Sperati also seems to have made forgeries of these stamps, examples of some blackprints of his forgeries and a cancel:

The value 4 a brown was also forged by Sperati, probably to apply forged overprints on it. It can be recognized by the flaws in the 'CO' of 'COMPANY'.

Sperati forgery of the 4 a value

Sperati also forged the following two cancels: 'MOMBASA A 4 FE 92' and 'MOMBASA A MR 13 95' besides the above shown 'MOMBASA A AU 28 94' cancel.

Image obtained from a Sotheby auction
Sperati forgery of the 1 R value and a forged Sperati '7 1/2 ANNAS.' surcharge.


1895 Stamps of 1890 overprinted "British East Africa", most likely genuine stamps with genuine overprints:

4 a brown 1 R red
Image obtained from a Sotheby auction




Fournier also offered the values 2 R, 4 R and 5 R (on his forged stamps from the previous issue) with overprint 'BRITISH EAST AFRICA' in his 1914 pricelist (fac-similes of overprints, 2 Swiss Francs for the 3 values together). The overprint '2 1/2' on 4 1/2 a violet was also forged by him.

(Cuts with examples of Fournier's overprints from the Fournier album)

The first overprint was used on the 1895 issue, the second overprint was used on stamps of India to simulate the 1896 issue. The next three overprints 'HALF ANNA', '1 ANNA' and '4 ANNAS' were used on genuine stamps of Great Britain to simulate the 1890 issue. The '2 1/2' was used on stamps of 1895 (not listed in Fourniers 1914 pricelist). The '5 ANNAS.' might have been used on genuine 1890 stamps?

Fournier forgery with forged overprint of the 5 R value.


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