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The most common cancel on the triangular issues; a triangle with 'C', 'G' and 'H' in the corners and an empty central part. It is usually applied in black color, though I've also seen it in red.

Other cancels:

"POST RETIEF" cancel, I've seen it in red and black color.

Cape Elizabeth bag seal cancel.

Numeral "1" cancel.

A fiscal cancel.

Other typical cancel.

A wrapper with a wheel cancel.


Typical cancel: horizontal and vertical lines forming a circle, similar cancels exist with a number in it (ranging from 1 to 5)

Numeral cancel "3" for Grahamstown, other numeral cancels are "1" for Cape Town, "2" for Port Elizabeth etc all the way to about 1600, often called Barred Oval Numeral Cancel (BONC)

With bars in three rows
Cape Town "1" numeral postmarks, several types exist.

Other numeral cancels have the number in a diamond.

Two cork cancels.

Typical towncancel, here "PORT St.JOHN'S C.G.H."

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