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BADEN 1862 issue forgeries (Fournier)

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Currency: 60 Kreuzer = 1 Gulden

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Fournier forgeries of the Baden 1862 issue (for other forgeries click here):


All values (except the 18 kr) have a different upper left design (the lower right of this squarish design connects to the framelines around it with a white line).

Fournier forgery of the 6 k with a different perforation. The cancel '79' is also forged.

Here the same 6 k forgery but with a "OPPENAU 10 AUG" cancel which does not appear in the Fournier Album.

Fournier has made forgeries of these stamps, they have a different perforation (as far as I have seen). The Serrane Guide mentions that they were made with the help of the engraver V. (Venturini?) from Turin (see comments on Venturini later). All values (except the 18 kr) have a different upper left design (the lower right of this squarish design connects to the framelines around it). I've seen all values of this serie forged by Fournier. In the Fournier album of philatelic forgeries, the above cancel is given ("79" in 5 concentric circles) as well as "60" in 5 concentric circles, "8" in 5 concentric circles (see example below), "31" in 3 concentric circles, 3 concentric circles and a dot in the middle, an "8" in a small circle, three circular cancels with "KEHL 2 NOV 6-7 N", "RASTATT 14 OCT 5-10 V" and "FURSTENBERG 17 2 MBG". I have furthermore seen "KARLSRUHE 2 Mrz" in two straight lines. The cancel "109" in 5 concentric lines is listed under Bavaria in the Fournier album, however I have seen this cancel on Baden (see below for examples). Apparently, the cancel "12" in 5 concentric lines, which was also listed there, can also be found on these Baden forgeries (see example on the 3 k forgery below).

All values (except 18 kr) can be distinguished by a break at the bottom right of the upper left hand ornament.

The 18 kreuzer's main distinguishing characteristic is its perforation.

The Fournier forged cancels as they can be found in 'The Fournier Album of Philatelic Forgeries'. Another cancel "KARLSRUHE 2 Mrz" and date in two straight lines can also be found in this album. These forged cancels were according to the Serrane Guide also used on genuine postage due stamps, genuine stamps and forged postal stationary. I've also seen a cancel "HEIDELBERG - BASEL 26 OCT 68 ?7" in a Fournier Album.

On http://www.stampsx.com/ratgeber/stempelliste-falsch.php a forged "79" Lahr cancel can be seen applied to a 6 kr Thurn and Taxis stamp. It might be a Fournier product.


Concerning the Venturini forgeries of Baden, the following text can be found in the Philatelic Journal of Great Britain, May 25, 1901, page 90 (it turns out that Venturini not only sold forgeries of the 18 k and 30 k, but even the printing plates): :

A Forgery Monger.

From The Schweizer Briefmarken Zeitung

One of the most noted forgers of the old Italian stamps is P. Oneglia, of Turin. Following the movement of his heart, this noble philanthropist took up the manufacture of stamps and now manufactures to his heart's content everything in the way of stamps, perforated and unperforated, used and unused, half sheets, whole sheets, in short all that the philatelic heart could wish for. So that everyone, even the smallest collector can obtain without any cost worth mentioning, the greatest rarities, the firm “ Oneglia ” will send a price-list free to anyone. Wonderful news reaches, us also from Pisa. In this town with the crooked tower, a. gentleman lives named A. Venturini ; after long experience Herr Venturini has come to the conclusion that the trade in “Imitations” pays much better than that in real stamps. Secretly, this man obtained a “ Lot ” of Imitations, and as he is of a very unselfish nature, he wishes the “reproductions” (as he very prettily names them) to be within the reach of everybody. "With this object the good Venturini offers his imitations to all dealers, adding that “in Italy it is not forbidden to manufacture stamp reproductions.”

He made this offer to one of our first German dealers and enclosed a specimen of his Imitations.

In an article in miserable French he says,- “You will be convinced that you can sell to collectors that set of France aud Colonies for 10 Mk. and the others for 5-7 50 Mk. whilst you do not pay so much as for the originals.”

We give some of the prices of these Reproductions. The Zurich 6r. are used or unused 20 for 60 Mk. Baden 18kr. green used 30 for 2 Mk. The price of the stumps offered amounts to 135 Mk. but for the whole “Lot” only 1,000- Mk. and even 600 Mk. in money and the rest in “genuine rarities.” “For the 10 Metal stereotypes ’’says Venturini, “which have served for printing, my lowest price is 20Mk. each, or 200 Mk. for the 10." And now we come to the end of this wonderful letter which runs “You can fully rely on my discretion about this business." \Vhat a character ! In the reply the dealer must have given Venturini a dubbing, for the second letter begins with : “I must say that your letter does not please me at all ” etc., and Venturini goes on to explain the difference between “ Selling imitations as sucli or selling theft, as genuine.” But Venturini is a good fellow and does not resent anything, and so that the dealer may still have the reproductions he writes :—“After all I will let you have them all and the Stereotypes. If you will have the stamps, I must send them to Turin to be perforated and you will have to wait a week.” And then he puts the whole of it down to 350 Mk. More can surely not be done! Venturini then sends his stamps to Turin and and to no other than his bosom friend Oneglia.

The real collector would treat these stamps with horror and rather leave his album empty than fill it with that kind of imitation which offends the eye of any proper collector. To war with these forgers !

Oneglia offers these forgeries in his 1906 pricelist of "IMITATIONS" for Fr. 1.50 for the 18 kr and Fr. 1 for the 30 kr.


Other examples of Fournier forgeries:

Fournier forgery with cancel 'KEHL 2 NOV 6-7 N'

These 2 Fournier forgeries of the 30 k value have the forged "RASTATT 14 OCT 5-10 V" cancel. Next to it a Fournier forgery with a forged "8" cancel as shown above. Also a "KEHL 2 NOV 6-7N" cancel. Note the white break in the lower right hand side of the upper left corner ornament.

Other forgery of the 18 k with '220' four-ring cancel (image obtained thanks to Eric Aulagner). In my view, this is not a Baden cancel (it also does not appear in the Fournier Album). According to the Serrane guide, the leaf pattern below the shield and the upper right hand corner are different.

"60" cancel "KARLSRUHE 2 Mrz" cancel "8" cancel "109" cancel "109" cancel
Reduced sizes; Note the '109' cancel, which does not appear in The Fournier Album.

(Fournier forgeries with '8' in a small circle cancel and Rastatt cancel, reduced sizes)

Fournier is known to have made forgeries of the 30 kr. He took ordinary 3-kreuzer stamps of the 1862 issue, where the colour was chemically removed, and later reprinted it in orange, from a forged engraving of the rare 30-kreuzer value. During the two operations, the cancellation was not removed. So, these forgeries have the paper, perforation and cancellation genuine and are very dangerous! Fournier seems to have considered this forgery one of his masterpieces (this text is translated from Serrane, in the french introduction of the 'Fournier album of philatelic forgeries'). A similar text can also be found in the Serrane Guide. The Serrane Guide also mentions that the 18 kreuzer was forged in a similar fashion.

A page from a Fournier Album of Philatelic Forgeries.

Another page from a Fournier Album with a forgery of the 30 k with a "MANNHEIM 4 JUL" cancel.

Another page of a Fournier Album, with among others a 9 k forgery with "HEIDELBERG - BASEL 26 OCT 68 ?7" cancel.

A genuine "KEHL" cancel and a genuine "CARLSRUHE" cancel (with "C" instead of "K"). Also a 30 k stamp with what I've been told a genuine '79' numeral cancel.


Baden 1862 forgeries (other forgeries)

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