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SWITZERLAND Types of the 1850 Rayon II issue

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The 'Ortspost', 'Poste Locale', 'Rayon I' and 'Rayon II' exist in 40 types (8 vertical rows of 5 stamps), each with position of letters and a different background pattern for each type. The 'Rayon III' stamps exist in 10 different types each.

For the types of the 'POSTE LOCALE', 'ORTSPOST' issues click here. For the Rayon I issue click here, and for types of the Rayon III, here.


Reconstruction of a sheet with types:

Type 2 Type 4 Type 5 with 'LBpH' cancel of Basel Type 7 and 8
Type 10 Type 11 Type 14 Types 15 and 16
Type 17 Type 18 Type 20 Type 22 Type 23
Type 28 Type 29 Type 30 Type 32
Type 35



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