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SWITZERLAND Cancels on first federal issues

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Some typical cancels:

Grille cancels:

15 Rp red 2 1/2 Rp black and red "Ortspost"
(Federal grille cancel: 'Eidgenossige Raute')

Red grill cancel Green grill Blue grill
(Other colours, red, green and blue grill)

I have also seen this grille cancel in blue, red and green. The grille cancel is probably the most common cancel. Its standardised format was with 15 lines (introduced in 1851).
St.Gallen used a similar cancel, but with 'ST G ' in the center:

(St. Gallen grill cancel)

(Zurzach grille with holes)

Another grille cancel was used in Zurzach, the grill has holes in it.

(left, Aargau grille; right, blue Luzern cancel, 7 lines in a diamond shape, also exists in black)

Geneva cancel Chur cancel
(left Geneva grille and right Chur grille cancel)

(Cancel from Endingen)

'PP', 'PD', 'P' etc. cancels:

Many different 'PP', 'PD', 'P' or 'RL' (Rayon Limotrophe) cancels exist, examples:

Blue Solothurn 'PP' cancel Image obtained from a Shreves auction, certified genuine'PD' cancel from the canton of Graubunden Luzern 'PP' cancel 'PP' in an oval, cancel of Meiringen
('PP': 'Port Paye' and 'PD': 'Paye jusqu'a la Destination' cancel)

('PP' in an ellipse, cancel of Tessino)

Bern Unterseen 'P' cancel
('P.' cancel)

(What is this? Neuchatel 'PP' in circle?)

('P.P.' in a circle)

15 Cts red "PP" cancel

'FRANCO' cancels:

(Basel 'FRANCO' cancel)

According to Album Weeds, also the cancels 'FRANKO' and 'FRANGO' exist.

Zurich Rosette cancel:

(Zurich Rosette cancel in black and blue)

Ring cancels:

Biel cancel
(rare 3-rings 'Biel' (=Bienne?) cancel)

Penstroke cancels:

(Penstroke cancel)

I have also seen many stamps cancelled with a penstroke.

('Chargé' cancel)

Town cancels with date:

(small circular town cancel with date, here of Bern, so-called 'Fingerhut' cancel)

'Normal' town cancels with date can also be found.


Be careful, many of the cancels have been forged on forged stamps, examples:

Probably Fournier (a famous forger) forgeries:

(A whole sheet of forgeries, Fournier? Note the many different cancels and that the cancels sometimes stop at the edges of the stamp, the cancels are also too 'perfect')

(2 stamps of this forged sheet)

Spiro forgeries:

The Spiro forgereis bear cancels that were never used in Switzerland, as far as I know (i.e. this particular square of dots or pattern of lines).

Copyright by Evert Klaseboer

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Preview of Stamps Catalogue CD : VOLUME 2