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1873 Woman 'peace', inscription 'COMUNICACIONES C.D.PESETA'

10 c green 25 c brown 40 c brown 50 c blue 4 P brown, telegraphic cancel 10 P brown

  2 c orange
  5 c red
  10 c green
  20 c black
  25 c brown
  40 c brown
  50 c blue
  1 Peseta grey
  4 Peseta brown
  10 Peseta brown

These stamps have perforation 14.

Value of the stamps

vc = very common
c  = common
*  = not so common
** = uncommon
*** = very uncommon
R   = rare
RR  = very rare
RRR = extremely rare
Value Unused Used Remarks
2 c *** ***  
5 c *** ***  
10 c * c  
20 c R R  
25 c *** ***  
40 c *** **  
50 c *** ***  
1 P *** ***  
4 P RR RR  
10 P RRR RRR  

Special cancellations:

Telegraphic cancel Three lines cancel; stamp sold to dealer after it became invalid P.D. cancel P.D. cancel

The higher valued stamps with telegraphic cancel (hole) are worth much less than those used for postal purposes.

Postal forgery

Postal forgery of the 10 c with many white spots in the word 'PESETA'. It exists imperforate (see image above).

Another postal forgery exists of the 50 c value, with '50' much larger than in the genuine stamps:

Postal forgeries of the 50 c value.

Postal forgery of the 1 P value. the left leg of the "U" of "UNA" is too short on top.



I've been told that the above 10 P and 20 c stamps are forgeries, I have no further information.

Sperati forgery of the 4 P value (very deceptive)

Image obtained from a Sotheby auction
Sperati forgeries of the 4 P value

(Sperati forgeries of the 10 P, left: Reproduction 'A', very deceptive)

I know that Sperati made forgeries of the 4 P value and the 10 P value (2 Reproductions); distinguishing characteristics can be found at http://www.graus.com.

These stamps with inscription "ULTRAMAR 1874" or inscription "ULTRAMAR 1871" were used in Cuba.

For more stamps with inscription 'Comunicaciones' (issued from 1874 to 1889) click here or here for the 1870-1872 issues.

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