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SPAIN 1853 Madrid locals

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1853 Local issues for Madrid

Genuine, image obtained from Bill Claghorn's forgery site 1 c bronze Genuine, image obtained with permission from a Sandafayre auction Certified genuine

Certified genuine
Certified genuine

  1 c bronze
  3 c bronze

Value of the stamps

vc = very common
c  = common
*  = not so common
** = uncommon
*** = very uncommon
R   = rare
RR  = very rare
RRR = extremely rare
Value Unused Used Remarks
1 c RR RR  
3 c RRR RRR  

Reprints exist of these stamps, they are of much less value than the original stamps. It seems that the paper of the reprints is whiter than the originals (the original stamps have a yellowish paper tint). Furthermore, in the reprint of the 3 c the bottom part of the 'S' of 'CUARTOS' is missing and the tail of the 'R' of this word is broken. Deceptive forgeries exist!

Essays exist with a 2 c stamp (by the way, the following stamps could be forgeries):


(Essays?, note left 'CUARTO' and right 'CUARTOS')

Bogus issue or non-issued stamp? Inscription 'CORREO INTERIOR 5 CUARTOS', colour red:

and a primitive forgery (note the clumsy crown):

Another forgery of the 1 cu value with a very different crown.

Some badly executed forgeries with the lettering very irregular of the 1 cu, 2 cu and 3 cu values. I've been told that these might have been made by Placido Ramon de Torres, but I don't know if this is true.

A slightly more deceptive forgery (note the broad top of the 'R' in 'CORREO INTERIOR'):

Another stamp that I do not trust, the number of lines in the lower corners is different from the above genuine stamps:

Scan from a de Torres catalogue Illustration from a stamp album
Forgery with scratch in the leaves in the lower left part. A similar image can be found in the catalogue of Placido Ramon de Torres "Album Illustrado para Sellos de Correo" of 1879 (information passed to me thanks to Gerhard Lang, 2016) on page 9. A very similar image also appears in the illustration of a stamp album (I don't know which one...), but the bottom right side has now been damaged.

The bear is sitting straight up!
A Senf forgery with 'FALSCH' overprint

Sperati forgery?:

(I've been told that these are Sperati forgeries, I have no further information)

Two forgeries, made by the same forger. Note the shape of the tree.

Two forgeries taken from a Fournier Album of forgeries.

And some more highly 'suspected' stamps and other forgeries:

Forgery Forgery! Forgery!

A modern forgery made by Peter Winter, with 'Replik' written on the backside:

Peter Winter forgery with 'Replik' (enlarged at the right)

Two other Winter forgeries of the 1 c and 3 c values

Sperati forgery of the 1 c value. Sperati made two reproductions. I presume that this is 'Reproduction A' in which the top left part of the right hand side of the 'U' of 'CUARTO' is broken.

Sperati forgeries of the 3 c value.

Sperati proofs


Spain 1854 arms issue

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