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SHANGHAI 1865 Large dragon issue, forgeries, part 2

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Shanghai is a port in China

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Thanks to Wolfgang Balzer for providing useful information about the forgeries of this country.

1865 Dragon, large size

Genuine antique numeral '2'? Genuine stamp CANDAREEN (without 'S'). Certified genuine, antique numeral '4'? Genuine Antique numerals '12'? Antique numerals '16'?
Examples of genuine stamps

There exist many types and forgeries of these stamps (20 forgeries existed already in the early 20th century according to 'Album Weeds'). Already in 1874 Dr.Magnus warns for 2 different types of forgeries in 'Le Timbre Poste No. 134, page 16. The English numerals in the bottom label exists in so-called 'antique' or 'ordinary' style. The value inscription exists in "CANDAREEN" or "CANDAREENS". I'm not quite sure that all the above stamps are genuine. The genuine stamps should have 7 bristles in the beard of the dragon according to Album Weeds. Note that the outer frame line is thick and broken in the corners. The vertical and horizontal frame in the inner of the stamp consists of of 8 thinner lines.


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Fifth forgery:


Sixth forgery (sixteenth? forgery of Album Weeds):

I think this is the sixteenth forgery described in Album Weeds. It has a thick outline all around the central design. The sentry-box (the thing below the dragon resembling a house), has three lines to support it (instead of two). The bristles of the beard are not vertical as in the genuine stamps, but radiating outwards.

Seventh forgery (7th forgery of Album Weeds?)

I've seen this forgery cancelled with part of a 'fat' rectangle. Note that the 1 c green is a bogus colour. I've also seen the 8 c blue (also bogus colours, such as "1 CANDAREENS" brown and 16 c blue) of this particular forgery. The word "CANDAREENS" is written too big. The text on top is misspelt as "SHANGHAI L.F.O,.". (with an "F" instead of a "P" and an additional comma). The "I" in the lower right corner has a hook at the bottom.

Eight forgery

Note the shape of the second Chinese character at the left hand side (the one with the 'hat'). The upper right ornament is totally filled in with ink.

Ninth forgery (11th forgery of Album Weeds?)

In the inner rectangle, the curly ornaments in the upper right hand corner are too far away from each other in this forgery of the 16 c. I've also seen this forgery cancelled with a pattern of square dots.

Tenth forgery (10th forgery of Album Weeds?)

I've seen this forgery cancelled with a pattern of square dots and with a circle consisting of lines.

Eleventh forgery (15th forgery of Album Weeds?)

The horns and ears of the dragon cross the line above them. The design is overinked. It can be found with an unreadable circular cancel.

Twelfth forgery (12th forgery of Album Weeds?)

Many ornaments are curling in the wrong direction. For example the upper left one and the central right curly ornament. A similar forgery, but with slightly different design exists in the value 4 Candareens. They might have been made by the same forger, or were inspired by each other?

Thirteenth forgery

This forgery even exists with perforation. The upper left small ornament is curling in the wrong direction. In all the copies I've seen, there is a break in the left horn.

Although not 100% identical, an almost identical image appears in the catalogue of Placido Ramon de Torres "Album Illustrado para Sellos de Correo" of 1879, page 139 (information passed to me thanks to Gerhard Lang, 2016).

Fourteenth forgery (second forgery of Album Weeds)

(Reduced size)

The left horn (from our perspective) does not touch the line above it in this forgery. An ornament between the 'house' and the tail is missing.

Fifteenth forgery (first forgery of Album Weeds)

The small curly ornament coming out of the house at the bottom touches the tail of the dragon.

Sixteenth forgery (9th forgery of Album Weeds?)

Possibly Album Weeds forgery #9
This forgery resembles one of the official reprints. The right horn (from our point of view) of the dragon in the second stamp is too small. And an ornament (actually a leg of the dragon) is missing in the central right portion of the stamp.

Seventeenth forgery

Probably a forgery
This forgery exists with perforation.

Eighteenth forgery

A perforated forgery.
This forgery exists perforated or imperforate. I've seen it with two additional dots in the design (on top of the left and right hand side Chinese text).

Nineteenth forgery

The tail of this forgery is totally different from a genuine stamp (much less pointed).

Image obtained from http://www.numonesidentifier.com/country/20/

On http://www.numonesidentifier.com/country/20/ a 2 CANDAREENS black can be found of this particular forgery type (or at least very probably made by the same forger)..


Other forgeries:

1 Candareen, wrong color yellow.

Wolfgang Balzer mentions a forgery with "SANGHAI" instead of "SHANGHAI" ("H" missing):

A very dubious 8 c stamp.

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