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SARDINIA Miscellaneous

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Newspaper stamps

1861 Inscription "GIORNATI STAMPE FRANCO BOLLO", value embossed in center

  1 c grey
  2 c grey

A 2 c stamp in yellow was issued in Italy in 1862. Misprints with the embossed '1' on the 2 c frame and the embossed '2' on a 1 c frame exist (very rare in used condition).

Value of the stamps

vc = very common
c  = common
*  = not so common
** = uncommon
*** = very uncommon
R   = rare
RR  = very rare
RRR = extremely rare
Value Unused Used Remarks
1 c * *  
2 c ** ***  

Printer's waste:

Printer's waste, double impression

Forgery of the misprint with both the embossed '2' and the embossed '1' on the 2 c frame

The Billig book of forgeries shows an image of a forgery of the 1 c, with the lettering done more badly than in the genuine stamp (sorry, no image available yet). Forgeries exist by reembossing the center to create rare inverted or error stamps. The Serrane guide states that forged cancels are abundant.

Postal stationery

1819 Duty covers, so called Sardinian Horses or 'Cavallino'


Could be forgeries

(Reduced sizes, probably reprints or forgeries)

  15 c blue
  25 c blue
  50 c blue

The same stamps but embossed

certified genuine

(Could be forgeries)

  15 c
  25 c
  50 c

These covers are the first postal stationary to be issued in the world. Forgeries were made of these duty covers (in 1875 by Usigli in Florence using the original plates). These forgeries were quite dangerous and even deceived important collectors (see Le Timbre Poste by Moens, No 267, pages 26-29, 1885). These forgeries were also marketed by the stamp dealer Bonasi. If I'm well informed, these forgeries have a 'star' watermark, which never occurs in the genuine envelopes.

The next cover is forged:


Non issued stamp:

(Image obtained thanks to Lorenzo)

Other non-issued stamps exist.

Special cancels

Certified genuine

The above stamps are cancelled in Aix les Bains, nowadays situated in France. Aix les Bains is part of the Savoie, which was transferred from Italy to France in 1860.

Fiscal Stamps

1858 Inscription "STATI SARDI PASSAPORTO", arms embossed in the center

  1 L green
  3 L blue
  10 L red

Similar fiscal stamps with inscription "REGNO D'ITALIA" were issued for ItalyL 1 L green, 10 L violet and 10 L red.

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