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In 1884-85 many provisional overprints were used. Overprints exist for Alerta, Ancachs, Apurimao, Arequipa, Ayacucho, Chachapoyas, Chala, Chiclayo, Cuzco, Huacho, Moquegua, Paita, Pasco, Pisco, Piura, Puno and Yca. I have not yet been able to catalogue this section fully. Be careful, many bogus issues exist!

1883 Issues for Ancachs, stamps of Peru overprinted with dots (2 types)

(reduced sizes)

  1 c yellow
  5 c blue
  10 c green
  10 c black

There exist also stamps for Ancachs with overprint 'FRANCA'.


1885 Stamps of Peru, overprinted 'AREQUIPA' in a double circle in red, violet or black.

  1 c yellow
  2 c violet
  5 c blue
  10 c black
  20 c red
  50 c green
  1 S red

This overprint also exist on postage due stamps.


Stamp of Arequipa with 'CUZCO' overprint

(Reduced sizes)

   1 c yellow
   5 c blue
   10 c green
   10 c black


1883 stamps of Peru overprinted in red or violet 'MOQUEGUA':

(Reduced size)

Some stamps of Peru were overprinted with 'MOQUEH' surrounded by dots (5 c blue and 10 c grey), a local stamp of Arequipa also received this overprint:

(Stamp of Arequipa, overprinted 'MOQUEH' surrounded by dots)


With this overprint 'PAITA' in an ellipse exist the values: 5 c blue (two types of overprint, also in red), 10 c green and 10 c grey.


(Probably forged 'PISCO' overprint)


Stamps with overprint 'PIURA':

Six different stamps of Peru exist with this overprint. The overprint exists in two sizes.

Two stamps (5 c blue and 20 c red) were issued with overprint 'PIURA' in an ellipse (sorry, no picture available yet).

Stamps with overprint 'PIURA VAPOR':

Two postage stamps (5 c blue and 20 c red) and two postage due stamps (5 c red and 10 c orange) were issued in 1884 with this 'PIURA VAPOR' overprint.



Stamp of Arequipa with 'PUNO' overprint

Two types of this overprint exist; with '17' or with '1-ABR'.



With this overprint ('YCA' in an ellipse) 4 stamps were issued: 1 c orange, 5 c blue, 10 c grey and 20 c red.

('YCA VAPOR' overprint)

Another overprint exists with 'YCA VAPOR' (similar to Piura) on 1 c orange, 5 c blue and 20 c red.

Arequipa issue

1881 Imperforated, fiscal stamps overprinted ' PROVISIONAL 1881-1882', 'AREQUIPA' in circle, and/or overprints '1883'.

10 c blue, overprinted "PROVISIONAL 1881-1882" reduced size
(Reduced sizes)

  10 c blue
  25 c red

I have seen a whole sheet of the '1881-1882' overprint on 25 c (10x5 stamps); it seems like the overprint was done manually, there are even some double overprints.


1883 Inscription 'FRANQUEO' and arms

  10 c red
  10 c red (with blue 'AREQUIPA' in circle overprint)

1885 Arms and persons

5 c blue, overprinted 'AREQUIPA' in a circle
(Reduced sizes)

  5 c olive
  5 c blue (head)
  10 c grey
  10 c olive (head)

These stamps were only valid with a circular overprint 'AREQUIPA'.

Some fiscal stamps were used for a few days as postage stamps (10 c blue, 25 c violet and 1 S brown, all with inscription '1883-1884), examples (the last stamp is used postally):

(Reduced size)

A Senf forgery of the 10 c, with red 'FALSCH' (=forged in German) overprint:

(Senf forgery)

This forgery is also described in Album Weeds. This forgery looks much better than the genuine stamp.

Postage due stamps

1874 Large sized stamp, ship in upper half and lama in lower half, perforated

  5 c orange
  10 c orange
  20 c blue
  50 c brown

(Double overprint 'PIURA' and 'PERU', reduced size)

Various overprints exist. WARNING: many of these overprints have been forged and even bogus overprints exist. Example of a bogus overprint:

(Bogus overprint)

1879 Arms, inscription 'DEFICIT'

  1 c brown

Various overprints exist (see examples above).

Non issued local stamp?

Postage due stamp, 'DEFICIT', overprinted 'PIURA'

1899 Sitting woman, inscription 'DEFICIT'

  5 S green
  10 S lilac

Surcharged (1902)

  1 c on 10 S lilac

In 1909 a new series with inscription 'DEFICIT' was issued (with value in the center in a circle).


1902 Postage stamp overprinted 'DEFICIT'

  5 c on 10 S green

Telegraph stamps

1876 Arms inscription 'TELEGRAFOS NACIONAL'

  5 c violet
  20 c green
  50 c brown

1896 Postage stamps, overprinted 'TELEGRAFOS'

(Reduced sizes)

  1 c red
  2 c red
  10 c orange
  20 c blue
  50 c red
  1 S brown

1896 Postage due stamps with overprint 'TELEGRAFOS'

(Reduced size)

  1 c brown
  20 c blue

1897, inscription 'TELEGRAFOS DEL PERU', statues

  4 c green
  40 c red
  1 S green

These stamps exist with overprint 'TELEGRAFO' (1904). They also exist with an anchor overprint (see picture above).


Officially sealed

Several 'officially sealed' labels with inscription 'CIERRE OFICIAL' were issued from 1903 to 1924 (11 different types).


(Reduced sizes)

(Unlisted type?)

Parcel stamps

Example, inscription 'Porte de Conduccion':

(bottom of stamp not scanned, sorry!)

Postal Stationery

1875 Envelopes, arms

  2 c blue on yellow
  5 c green
  10 c red (on white or yellow)
  20 c violet
  50 c red

This issue exists with various overprints (sorry, no picture available yet).

In 1883 some postcards were issued (sorry, no picture available yet).

Copyright by Evert Klaseboer

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