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MODENA 1859 Newspaper Stamp

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Modena (Italy) 1852 issue

1859 Newspaper Tax Stamp, Eagle with crown in circle, Imperforated, "TASSA GAZETTE"

(Images obtained thanks to Lorenzo)

Certified genuine Certified genuine

  10 c black

These stamps were printed manually in sheets of 240 stamps. Horizontal or vertical guidlines were drawn first before the stamps were printed.

Value of the stamps

vc = very common
c  = common
*  = not so common
** = uncommon
*** = very uncommon
R   = rare
RR  = very rare
RRR = extremely rare
Value Unused Used Remarks
10 c RR RRR  


A forgery was already described in 'The Stamp Collector's Magazine' in 1864 (1st October, page 155).


The above forgeries seem to be a relatively modern product. It is often offered from Italy. Note the relatively crude execution, the breaks and flaws seem to be constant for each individual forgery. Often this forgery has very large margins. Click here for more information on these modern Italian States forgeries

A whole sheet with Modena, Naples and Papal States 50 b and 1 Sc forgeries, proving they were all made by the same forger. Note the very large margins between the stamps.

In the genuine stamps, a small horizontal dash can be found, just above the crown, this dash is missing in the next forgeries:

I don't trust this stamp, forgery?

No dash above crown. The crown is also not symmetric (it is slanting at the top).

The crown is drawn with one simple line only!
Forgeries with the crown empty

Forgeries with the tail of the eagle too pointed.

Image from a de Torres catalogue.
A forgery with inscription 'CAZETTE' (with 'C') instead of 'GAZETTE'. In 'Le Timbre Poste' by Moens (October 1876 No 166, page 76) the same illustration appears. This forgery can also be found in the catalogue of Placido Ramon de Torres "Album Illustrado para Sellos de Correo" of 1879 (information passed to me thanks to Gerhard Lang, 2016) on page 83 (see image above).

A more convincing forgery.

I've seen some forgeries of these stamps on (genuine?) old documents. Examples:

With pencancel and dots cancel

For more of these Italy States and Austrian forgeries on old documents, made by the same forger, click here.

Highly dubious stamps. Probably modern reproductions pasted on old newspapers. The two above stamps have the same defects.

Another highly dubious stamp with a different eagle design.

Sperati made a forgery of this stamp. This Sperati forgery is rather deceptive, but the forgery is lithographed.

Image obtained from a Sotheby auction
Sperati die proof of this stamp.

Fournier forgery: In a 'Fournier Album' ('Pages Reservees aux Experts'), I have seen a Fournier forgery of this stamp with the following forged cancel "MODENA 15 JUN 55":

Forged Fournier cancel "MODENA 15 JUN 55" in a single circle, reduced size, taken from a Fournier Album.

Forgery, said to be made by Fournier, but I have not seen this forgery in the Fournier Album.

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