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Mirza Hadi Forgeries

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Mirza Hadi was of Persian origins and later became a stamp dealer in Paris and Monaco. He is known for his involvment in the reprints of Transvaal stamps (see "Philatelic Forgers, their Lives and Works" by V.E.Tyler).

The London Philatelist Vol XXII 1913, page 191 reports a robbery of his stamps by his own wife(!)
We regret to learn that a deep inroad upon M. Hadi Mirza's philatelic possessions has been made and trust that the stamps may yet be recovered. It appears, according to the Daily Telegraph of August 19th, that on the preceding day "A complaint was lodged with the Commissary of Police of the Faubourg- Montmartre, in respect of a theft of stamps of the value of £20,000, committed in the offices of M. Hadi Mirza, a Persian philatelist in the Rue Drouot. In response to a telegram sent by his concierge, the philatelist returned post-haste to Paris, which he reached early this morning. On entering his flat he found that the door leading into his office had been clumsily forced. In the office itself the cupboard in which he kept his collections was open, and the philatelist soon discovered that the most valuable stamps had disappeared. M. Mirza considers £20,000 as a conservative estimate of his losses."
During the holiday season minor events frequently attain rather abnormal importance and our first impression as to M. Mirza's "£20,000" has been corroborated by later news as regards this robbery.
It appears that M. Mirza suspected his wife, from whom he was separated, of having been the author of the robbery, and a woman whose description tallied with that of Madame Hadi Mirza subsequently attempted, without success, to sell some of the stolen stamps in Berlin. Later Madame Hadi Mirza gave herself up in Paris, confessing to having stolen the stamps, which, she said, were worth £1000 at most. She had done so because her husband, though several times a millionaire -in francs- refused to allow her and her children more than £8 a month.
It is said that her defence is that though divorce proceedings are pending between her and her husband the decree has not yet been pronounced. In that case, of course, no charge can lie against her in French law, according to which a wife cannot rob her husband.

In November 1965 he was living in Monaco as the following extract from the French National Assembly concludes:

http://archives.assemblee-nationale.fr/2/cri/1965-1966-ordinaire1/053.pdf (Assemblee Nationale, 3e Seance du 5 Novembre 1965), page 4569:
"Pétition n° 145 du 6 avril 1965. -- M. Mirza (Hadi), 10, rue des Giroflées, à Monte-Carlo (Monaco), a éte victime d'un vol de timbres de valeur. Bien que la police n'ait retrouvé qu'une partie de ceux-ci, le juge a prononcé un non-lieu . Le pétitionnaire proteste contre la loi qui a permis cette décision."
This archive document report on a theft of rare stamps from Mr. Mirza from Monaco.

Mirza Hadi forgeries of Serbia:

(Mirza Hadi imperforate forgeries)

(Small opening in the upper right hand corner)

Possibly another Mirza Hadi forgery of Serbia.

Forgery made by photo lithography, possibly made by Mirza Hadi in Paris (according to the certificate of Mehrdad Sadri)

Mirza Hadi obtained a large quantity of remainders of the 1 c, 2 c and 60 c stamps of the ESTERO issue of Italy of 1874 (somewhere before 1912). After applying a forged "234" cancel he sold them to collectors (source: 'Philatelic Forgers, their Lives and Works' by V.E. Tyler).

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