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PAPAL STATES (Stato Pontificio) 1851 issue

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1851 Arms, Value in 'BAJ' Imperforated

7 baj black on blue, image obtained thanks to Lorenzo

  1/2 b (Baj Mezzo) black on grey (or black on lilac)
  1 b black on green
  2 b black on green
  3 b black on brown (or black on yellow)
  4 b black on yellow (or black on brown)
  5 b black on rosa
  6 b black on grey
  7 b black on blue
  8 b black

Value of the stamps

vc = very common
c  = common
*  = not so common
** = uncommon
*** = very uncommon
R   = rare
RR  = very rare
RRR = extremely rare
1/2 b****** 
1 b***** 
2 b*** 
3 b****** 
4 bR*** 
5 b***** 
6 bR*** 
7 bRRR 
8 bR*** 

Typical cancels:

I've been told that the above cancel, a cross, was used in the province of Ferrara.

Some stamps were printed front AND backside, an example:

Forgeries, example:

The letters in 'BAJ' are different, there is no dot behind this word in the above forgery. There are other differences.

Another stamp that I do not trust:

(forgery? reduced size)

The 'J' of 'BAJ' has a very large bottom loop in the above stamp and there are several other differences.

Fournier forgery?

The above stamp is a forgery, I think this is the forgery offered by Fournier. The above stamp has the top left of the '7' damaged. In 'The Fournier Album of Philatelic Forgeries' a block of similar stamps can be found (even with tete-beche), with the same default on every stamp. The following forged cancels can be found in the Fournier album 'BORGO 6 FEBR 59' in a single circle, 'FOLIGNO 20 DIC 68' in a double circle (probably used on the next issue) and the typical Papal States grid cancel.

(Whole sheet of Fournier forgeries, reduced size)

(Fournier cancels, reduced sizes)

Other forgeries:

(Lithograped forgery of the 7 b)

(Forgery of the 6 b with clumsy letters and the 'A' and 'J' connected in 'BAJ')

I've been told that the next stamps are postal forgeries, I have no further information:

(Postal forgeries?)


1851 Arms value in 'BAJ' or 'SCUDO', Imperforated

50 baj blue, genuine, image obtained thanks to Lorenzo 1 scudo red, genuine, image obtained thanks to Lorenzo

  50 b blue
  1 Scudo red

The 1 Scudo stamp was only used in Rome.

Value of the stamps

vc = very common
c  = common
*  = not so common
** = uncommon
*** = very uncommon
R   = rare
RR  = very rare
RRR = extremely rare


Many forgeries exist of the 50 b and 1 S stamps. In the early 20 th century Album Weeds already distinghuishes 6 forgeries of the 50 b and 5 forgeries of the 1 B. Examples of forgeries:

Fournier forgery of the 50 b:

(One of the forgeries of the Fournier album)

The above stamp was offered by Fournier (at least a picture of a sheet of these stamps can be found in: 'The Fournier album of philatelic forgeries'). However, it is not in Fournier's 1914 pricelist. There are many differences with the genuine stamp; for example the ornament coming out of the left lower leaf (going to the right) has completely disappeared in this forgery; the left foot-serif of the 'A' of 'BAJ' has also vanished. It should be noted that Fournier did offer a better forgery in this pricelist, but I do not have a picture of this forgery right now.

Other forgeries of the 50 b:

There are rectangular frame lines in the above forgeries, genuine 50 b stamps never have such framelines.

The first of the above forgery also has framelines. The leaves in the corners are pointed too much outwards.

In the genuine 50 b stamps, the pattern of lines below the '50' is broken up in two parts: the left part has 11 lines and the right part has 8 lines. Many of the forgeries do not show the 'hole' seen in the genuine stamps, such as the forgery above.

Other forgeries

Forgery described in 'The Spud Papers' and first forgery of the 1 S of Album Weeds:

In the above forgery the cross goes into the first 'L' of 'BOLLO', moreover, this cross leans over to the right. The 'F' of 'FRANCO' has no bottom foot. The 'E' of 'POSTALE' is very large at the top and the letters 'POS' of this same word are very near to the border above them. The 'D' of 'SCUDO' has a strange bottom part (as if it was pushed upwards). The 'S' of 'SCUDO' is too close to the design above it and the '1' is too narrow. There are more differences. This forgery is lithographed. 'The Spud Papers' says that this forgery was printed in sheets of 36 (4x9). I think this is also the first forgery described in 'Album Weeds'. Album Weeds says that it is usually uncancelled, but exists with the grid cancel.

Other forgeries:

(Forgery, reduced size)


Senf forgery with overprint 'FALSCH.':

Stamps, that I don't not quite trust:

'Very doubtful copy, probably a fake!', according to Lorenzo

(Reduced size)

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Copyright by Evert Klaseboer

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Preview of Stamps Catalogue CD : VOLUME 2