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Spanish Sahara (Ifni)

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1924 Inscription 'POSESIONES ESPANOLAS DEL SAHARA OCCIDENTAL', image of a man with a camel

  5 c green
  10 c grey
  15 c blue
  20 c lilac
  25 c red
  30 c red-brown
  40 c blue
  50 c orange
  60 c lilac
  1 P red
  4 P brown
  10 P lilac

These stamps exist with blue or red overprint 'Republica Espanola' horizontally or vertically (reading up or downwards) and were issued in 1931/1932.


1926 Red Cross issue of Spain, inscription 'LA CRUZ ROJA ESPANOLA', images of persons of the Royal family, overprinted 'SAHARA'(?) and changed colors

  5 c brown
  10 c green
  15 c violet
  20 c lilac
  25 c red
  30 c olive
  40 c blue
  50 c red-brown
  60 c green (this value was not issued for Spain)
  1 P orange
  4 P yellow-brown
  10 P violet


1929 Stamps of Spain, inscription 'EXPOSICION GENERAL SEVILLA BARCELONA', various designs, with overprint 'SAHARA'

  5 c red (view with pillars, 'SAHARA' vertically in blue)
  10 c green (King in ellipse, 'SAHARA' vertically in red)
  15 c blue (medieval ship, 'SAHARA' horizontally in red)
  20 c lilac (standing man, 'SAHARA' horizontally in red)
  25 c red (design as 15 c, 'SAHARA' horizontally in blue)
  30 c brown (design as 5 c, 'SAHARA' vertically in blue)
  40 c blue (design as 10 c, 'SAHARA' vertically in red)
  50 c orange (design as 20 c, 'SAHARA' horizontally in blue)
  1 P black (design as 5 c, 'SAHARA' vertically in red)
  4 P red (design as 10 c, 'SAHARA' vertically in blue)
  10 P brown (design as 10 c, 'SAHARA' vertically in blue)



Examples, stamps of Spain with overprint 'Territorio de Ifni':

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