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(Non existing countries)

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Note: on my website many of the pictures can not be seen! They are of course present in the cd's;
contact me if you want to purchase them:



An imaginary country, supposed to be a Portuguese colony.

(reduced sizes)

I've seen the following values (value in black)
  2 1/2 a brown
  5 a yellow
  10 a grey
  15 a black
  20 a blue
  25 a red
  50 a lilac
  75 a orange
  100 a red
  200 a green

I have seen these stamps only cancelled with 'DOKA AFRICA CENTRAL', with different dates.



An imaginary country situated somewhere near Malaysia I suppose, issued in 1889 by the frenchman David Mayena. The man claimed to be the king of Sedang (a country that never existed). After selling huge amounts of stamps he disappeared leaving behind lots of debts.....

I've seen the following values (other values exist):
  1/2 m (1/2 MATH) brown
  1 m (MOI MATH) violet
  2 m (BER MATH) green
  4 m (POUEN MATH) red
  1 M (MOI MOUK) blue
  1/2 $ yellow
  1 $ (MOI $) red

Recently I saw two websites selling stamps of Sedang on the internet http://www.interlog.com/~dmak/stamps.html and http://www.sedang.hm/. I added some pictures of these 'modern' bogus stamps:

(Reduced size)

'First day cover'

other bogus issues:

A bogus issue for Buenos Aires, man on a horse, inscription 'CORREOS'?

A bogus issue for Morelos (Mexico):

I've seen another value of 2 c black on yellow, with the star behind the value in blue. As in the above stamp, the word 'MORELOS' seems to be printed seperately.



Tristan da Cunha

This stamp with inscription 'LOCAL VALUE' and '4 POTATOES' is a bogus issue.


Bukhara (Uzbekistan?)

1886(?) An imaginary country, inscription in arabic only:

(Image obtained thanks to Lasse Hult)

Some modern Bukhara bogus stamps were made by Bruce Henderson, I quote Lasse Hult who passed this information to me:

"The modern Buchara stamps were produced by the notorious cinderella inventor Bruce Henderson of New Zeeland. The same person who invented Timaru Bicycle Post many years ago, up to more recent Occussi-Ambeno to name a few of the more known."

(Image obtained thanks to Lasse Hult)

Copyright by Evert Klaseboer

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Preview of Stamps Catalogue CD : VOLUME 2